AFP: Uganda president vows to quell food protests

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RWAKITURA, Uganda (AFP) – Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Saturday vowed to prevent any further demonstrations over mounting food prices spearheaded by opposition leader Kizza Besigye.

Ugandan police on Thursday clashed with protestors in Kampala and several other towns as Besigye appeared bent on re-energising opposition to the regime, two months after losing to Museveni in elections he claimed were rigged.

Protestors claim a rise in the cost of living is the result of bad governance but Museveni, who has ruled the east African country for a quarter of a century, insisted Friday drought and foreign factors were to blame.

“We made it clear to Besigye that you are not going to demonstrate or to walk if you want to walk go somewhere and take a walk,” said Museveni, who had invited reporters to his country home in Rwakitura.

Protest coordinators have called for a “walk to work” protest against soaring food prices on Monday but Uganda’s police has consistently taken a tough stance against would-be demonstrators.

“In Kampala, we dealt with Besigye and we are going to deal with him and there will be no demonstrations. If you want to demonstrate, work with police and the police will show you where to pass,” Museveni said.

“Food prices have gone up because of unreliable rain and the bigger market in the region. Will the world prices go down because Besigye has demonstrated?” he asked.

The consumer price index grew by four percent in March from the previous month and the country’s year-on-year inflation rate stands at 11.1 percent.

Museveni argued that Besigye’s opposition drive only risked further destabilising the economy and urged Ugandans to act responsibly and use fuel sparingly.

“What he (Besigye) can do is to scare away investors by creating confusion and they fear investing here,” he said.

“What Ugandans have to do is to deal with the idiocy of Besigye and other groups. For us we shall use the other hand of the law to deal with his idiocy,” Museveni said.

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