London: Ugandans hijack High Commission in protest

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By Richard Semitego – Ugandans in the United Kingdom have Hijacked the Ugandan High Commission calling for the immediate release without an condition of those who were arrested during the Walk-to-work protests.

About 100 protesters including opposition leaders have been arrested or detained and others charged for allegedly holding demonstrations, in protest of high food and fuel prices.

According to one of the protesters, the group of people went to the embassy in London at 6am today, 19 April 2011 and tied themselves with chains blocking the staff from accessing their offices. They are demanding Uganda police and armed forces to stop torturing peaceful demonstrators in Uganda, Ugandans should have their freedom to protest. They are also calling for Fresh free and fair elections in Uganda.

One of the protesters Everest Kamukama says they won’t leave the embassy until their demands are met.

The demonstrators sympathised with those injured and the relatives of those who have lost their lives in the recent disturbances.

Many in Uganda dispute the election results and there as has been reports of massive rigging of the votes.
Already the recent protests have brought fear to the current ruling party and it has seen the government try to make efforts to ban Social Networking websites like Facebook and Twitter so as to avoid a situation similar to that of Egypt and Tunisia.

Many governments which are under dictatorship rule are now looking around and ways they can stop or block access to Social Media Networks which have now become a way of life in Africa and we can now say have forced through an unlikely revolution in Egypt and Tunisia.

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