Uganda opposition leader stopped after encounter with police outside home

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Washington Post | KAMPALA, Uganda — Ugandan police on Thursday stopped the country’s top opposition leader from participating in what authorities said could be a destructive protest march.

Kizza Besigye said that shortly after he left his home he was stopped by police, who gave him a choice between “preventive arrest” and jail or returning home. Besigye returned home and said he would consult his lawyers.

“They have stopped me from moving out of my home. Police told me that I am under preventive detention house arrest,” he said.

Besigye has been leading “walk to work” marches to protest government corruption and rising food and fuel costs. The marches have sparked violence between police and protesters. Human Rights Watch says police have killed nine people during the marches.

The police said in a statement that authorities may arrest a person if it is known he will commit an offense. It was believed Besigye was going to take part in a “walk to work” protest. The marches typically happen on Mondays and Thursdays.

The police said in a statement that Besigye is not under house arrest.

Besigye denied allegations from Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni this week that Besigye leads hooligans that want to “ignite riots.”

“All protests have been covered by media. I am not aware of throwing of stones at vehicles and police which is not provoked by the police itself,” Besigye said.

The police maintained a heavy presence near Besigye’s home, patrolling the roads and manning roadblocks.

Uganda has seen sharp spikes in food and fuel prices the last several months, making car or bus travel unaffordable for many. Anger over the increases has fueled Besigye’s protests, and security forces have clashed with protesters around the country.

The marches have been the most serious anti-government protests in sub-Saharan Africa this year.

Besigye used to be Museveni’s former personal physician, but broke away from the president over what he viewed as problems within government.

Article Source: The Washington Post

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    So, lets closely examine this.

    They told him he was not allowed to leave his home or he would be taken to the police station(arrested). What about the option of him going about his business, which is exercising his freedom of association, expression or movement? An inherent one that is not given by any mortal(apart from immortal M7).
    But by virtue of breathing and being human/existence.

    It is now patently obvious that UG. is a virtual police state, with very no room for democratic expression/space and hope of a peaceful transfer of power, given that elections are merely staged,rigged and bought. And there are no term limits for presidents!!!

    For those in the diaspora and friends of Ug, the question is this, what country are people hoping to go back to,invest in or retire to? A somalia, Libya or zimbabwe?Indeed can you be sure that when you land at EBB, you will be safe? Or you will be able to enjoy your hard earned dollars,pounds,euros,yens and dinars when tear gas,hooded goons and paramilitaries are shooting un-armed populations, that involved a baby(2yrs) and a pregnant woman?

    Thirty millions Ug who live in it are held hostage by a dictator with his private cohorts. What the have stolen,destroyed, imprisoned, killed and invaded in twenty six years is not enough!!! The ship is sinking, the captain is tired and erratic(dangeorus) and the foot soldiers are trigger happy on the edge.

    It is important to emphasise that this is not about M7 or Besigye or any other individual. This is about for the common good of the 31mn ugandans and those that depend or call it home. Indeedv for the entire region at large.

    Therefore, democratic transition has to be supported and space for expression, assembly and respect for human dignity has to be demanded at every opportunity by all of us, irrespective of background.

    Today it is Besigye tomorrow it is you and me. And indeed, if they can do that to Besigye, in broad day light in front of the world’s press, what do they do to the unknowns in the dark?

    Folks, jump from your comfort zones and support in any peaceful,democratic and lawful manner those who have sacrificed everything for the common good.

    When the British remained neutral whilst hitler invaded Poland, they never thought that he would attack the house of commons and the entire country.

    Simply put, evil and injustice only thrives when good men that mean well remain indifferent and neutral. And so it is for this generation of Ugandans with the elephant in the room,M7.

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