A Hero’s Birthday ~ July 18, Nelson Mandela International Day Message

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By Barbara Birungi, South Africa Dispatch ~ July 18, is Nelson Mandela’s Birthday. This is when we sing for the father and the grandfather of the rainbow nation( South Africa) Happy Birthday. In 2009, they declared the great states man’s birthday as Nelson Mandela International day. Because this great statesman spend 67yrs in captivity (Includes 27yrs at robben Island), we are to spend 67 minutes doing something good. I am spending my 67 minutes writing this article.

FINDING TRUE SUCCESS (Unlike what many think, success is more than the zeros in your bank account balance. Its being what God wants you to be… )

Here we go… The tendency to get caught up in our global obsession with success often obsures our vision of what we truly want to achieve. I know people who see themselves successful because they work for on Wall Street; the neighbourhoods they stay, the cars they drive, the number of children, having the most “beautiful” wife and having good careers like being “chief engineers”. But what is success? Success can be viewed in three ways: External, Internal and Eternal.

External Success- position and pocessions. This is the acquisition of status, material goods and power. External Success helps some people gain acceptance from others. Internal Success is defined by our own perception of what it means to succed: that is your own personal standards. Eternal Success is defined by working toward your vision of fulfilling your ultimate purpose, which is to divine standards. This focuses on the process by which you are becoming your reason for being. To embrace the eternal dimension of your success is to yield to True Spirit- the divine.

But what really is successful living: what does it look like in practical terms? Perhaps true success is: being all that God wants you to be, doing all that God wants you to do, having all that God wants you to have, and giving all that God wants you to give. Youl notice that the measure is GOD WANTS.

This means that we live as God’s ambassadors in the world carrying out the Holy Spirit’s plan. The Holy spirit dictates that we’ve got to be in order to do so we can have an order to give. Being all that God wants you to be starts with being. We are HUMAN BEINGS before we are HUMAN DOINGS. Like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela is one of those gentlemen who found Eternal Success

If you want to give as much as Millionaires give, you must have as much as they have and to have, and to have what they have you must do what they do and to have what they do, you must become a millionere in your mind or in your heart. To see yourself as Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and many others, you must become a millionere in your mind or in your heart. YOU MUSTN”T BE POOR AT HEART. In other words, you must see yourself as success.
Success is an inner business. As you Prosper in your soul, so shall you in all areas. So go ahead. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Doing all that God wants you to do. “Doing follows “being”. Whatever you are in your soul will be revealed in your actions. If you despise others with your words, it means in your soul you despise them. Do all that God wants you to do. Examine your habits, do they bring success. Examine your words, do they build or destroy others. You become what you think in your soul daily. To alter your results, you must alter your doings. What you do will determine what you have. Ultimately you reap what you sow, having all that God wants you to have!! God has so much for us, but we often miss our inheritance. To have, one must learn to receive.

You can work hard, despise others because you think you have “made it”, but such actions are like putting money in a bag of holes. While External success is good, we mustn’t seek it at the expense of inner peace and our higher calling.

Eternal success is all we should strive to achieve. How are we working to fulfil our purpose in God. To me Eternal success can only be achieved in Christ Jesus.

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