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By Michael Kirkpatrick ~ The 2011 UNAA convention in Denver will include an art exhibition titled “The Ugandan Masters”. The exhibition will feature the distinctive artwork of three well-known Ugandan artists, Taga Nuwagaba, David Kibuuka, and Fred Mutebi. These Ugandans have established themselves as internationally recognized artists who have exhibited their beautiful creations all over the world. Their works are in private homes and public spaces throughout the United States, Canada, and Uganda.

Taga Nuwagaba specializes in using watercolors and oils to create his artwork. His favorite subjects have been wildlife and the human figure. He has a passion to represent the culture and the people of rural Uganda. His latest project has been to artfully represent the various totems of the Buganda Kingdom. A totem is a symbol that represents a group of people with a common ancestral origin known as a clan. A totem might be an animal, a bird, a fish, or a plant.





David Kibuuka creates beautiful modern batiks by using wax and dyes that are painted onto fabric. His revolutionary approach to creating batiks allows detailed and refined images with dramatically enhanced tonality, shading and depth. This technique adds increased background depth and broadness with a richer palette of colors that allows this novel fine art medium to yield detail and richness that is comparable to acrylic and watercolor painting.



Fred Mutebi is a master woodcut printmaker. He creates multi-color woodcut prints using the progressive reduction method of printmaking. The image is meticulously carved into a wood plate, rolled with ink, and then registered onto a surface. The process is repeated five to six times on the same plate with different colors to complete the final image. This primitive form of printmaking limits each work to a small number of one-of-a-kind prints. His work primarily depicts stories about critical social events in Uganda or that portray images indigenous to the Ugandan environment.

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