A Changing of the Old Guard ~ Libya on the Brink

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An Opinion and Reflection Piece ~ It was’t too long ago that we were cracking up at the impersonation of the Ghadafi’s Female Body guards and the old man himself in this comedy video clip by the well known Ugandan Comedian, Herbert Mendo Ssegujja. The video is filled with rib racking antics often associated with the long serving president of Libya, who for 42 years had ruled with an iron fist while playing on the world stage like a character out of Chinua Achebe’s african series.

It is amazing how much has changed since then, and though the events in libya are no laughing matter, take a moment to watch this video that sheds light on what many have perceived to be a man who has taken politics and turned it into a comedy show of sorts.

The production has a poignant feel to it, and the commentary made by Ssegujja, as he portrays Uganda’s long serving President Museveni, causes one to stop and ponder: Oh, how the Mighty have fallen.

Back in the Early 90s, very few people could have imagined a world without the likes of Strong man Saddam Hussein from Iraq, Hosni Mubarak from Egypt, and or Mobutu Sseseko from the Congo.

The last decade has ushered in a new era and a changing of the old guard. The revolution that began in Tunisia has swept through North Africa and parts of the middle east changing the political landscape forever.

Take a moment down memory lane in this video and ponder on our own mortality and inability to control people when the winds of change begin to blow.

Revolutions by nature are embedded in the structure of life as a comedy, only that the jokes are on those who refuse to understand the power of a people fed up with the political establishment and are determined to fight for change.

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