“Muzungu” lady steals the show at the Ugandan Convention in Denver, 2011

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This is a traditional dance highlight from the 2011, Ugandan Denver Convention Entertainment on Saturday, September the 3rd.

The participation of the attendees made this traditional Dance memorable. Hats off to the Lady who was Dubbed the Muzungu by the MC, she stole the show with her energetic rendition of the Baganda Traditional Dance known as Amazina Amaganda.

Thanks to all who joined in the dance and made it so memorable!!

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    Anne Kiyimba

    Mr Mayanja, don’t you think your readership needs to know the full results of the concluded UNAA elections? You gave the elections extensive coverage and I think, as a seasoned journalist, you should put your personal feelings aside and report fairly. It’s okay to exclude the two regional reps if it helps. Thank you

    UNAA Times Online

    Hi Anne, we have reached out to the EC for the details of the Elections, including the vote count and totals received by each candidate. We will be bringing you those updates as soon as they are availed to us.

    In the meantime, take a look at this recap of the Denver Convention covering the 3 days. Do kindly share it with your friends.

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