Omugave Nduggwa Joins Uganda’s budding Film Industry.

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Ugandans are best known for their entertainment most especially music, comedy and now ‘ekina-Uganda’. The movie industry in Africa and Uganda in particular has for many years been dominated by Nigerian and Ghana’s film industries and ofcourse Hollywood block busters. But this trend is slowly shifting as there is potential for Uganda’s film Industry to grow given the standard set by Oscar winning movie the ‘Last King of Scotland’ depicting Idi Amin’s era and filmed in Uganda.
This new movie craze has not left Uganda behind as new actors and directors join the scene. Although he is no new comer to showbiz Omugave Ndugwa has now joined the movie scene by producing and acting a Ugandan movie with english sub-titles to appeal to both local and international audiences. There has been lots progress made in the film industry that this year we shall witness the very first Ugandan Diaspora Film Festival take place at Munyonyo. Without a national Film commission much of this talent goes to waste due to motivation or regulation for the State.
It was therefore a pleasure to be part of the ‘Love Collision’ premier on June 1st 2012 in Boston when Omugave Nduggwa and Hemdee Kiwanuka unveiled a movie which I believe has potential to win an award by Ugandan standards. Though low budget the movie plot will keep you engaged from the get go as one is sucked into the love triangles and the web of deception that characterizes the movie plot! The Director and his crew did a great job with the Cinematography.
The Movie Produced and Directed in California was written by a Ugandan playwright also known for such plays like ‘Ekkoligo’ Omugave Ndugwa and Co-producer was Hamdee Kiwanuka.   Omugave has now set his eyes on film starting in Hollywood he wants to help re- start Uganda’s film industry. This point was articulated quite well during his speech after the premier. Hamdee also present at the premier reiterated that Film is the next big thing to come out of Uganda just like Nollywood there is a huge market for Ugandan-centric movies once they produced well.
Boston was the second stop after California,  the movie is set to premier in Uganda before the end of the year. I think it’s now time for us to embrace Uganda’s film industry given our talented actors and our great Ugandan scenary. Another reason we should be proud to be Ugandans! The Boston premier featured the Boom XL Band and some red carpet Kodak moments. Ugandan Diaspora News was present and now brings you some highlights of what transpired at the Boston launch!

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