Five more Days To Vancouver – A message from Carol Magambo – Canada Convention Chair

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Vancouver, British Columbia is gearing up to welcome everyone to the Uganda-Canada Business and Social Convention come June 29th to July 2nd. The first of its kind in this beautiful city, the Convention will be a smorgasbord of activities and events that will forever be implanted in everyone’s mind. The Convention is slated to happen on one of the busiest weekends in the year- July 1st, the Canada Day long weekend, when Canada celebrates its birth as a nation.

Draped in red and white, the national colours of the Canadian flag, the city will be lit with excitement on that weekend from parades, cultural festivals with fireworks galore. Amidst the explosive and breath-taking fireworks, the Convention participants will be aboard the brand new, elegant and state of the art boat M.V. Magic Spirit, taking in the breath-taking Vancouver Port Harbour. Music and Entertainment on and off the boat will be provided by a blend of up & coming Ugandan artists alongside with the names of Goodlyfe Crew and Zani from California and many more surprise entertainers.

The challenge for those who attend is how to pack everything that the Convention and Vancouver have to offer in a very short time. – for indeed as you will experience this is Beautiful British Columbia and one time is simply not enough. You must come again! The travel advisory to those coming to Canada is that this is an a great place to visit and the Convention has been cleared by Canada Immigration authorities making it possible for people to start applying for their Visitor’s Visas from the different Canadian Embassies.

Interesting facts about Canada that you might not know
Canada is not a sovereign state and is still subject to the Queen/Monarch of England. When writing in Canada, it is acceptable to use either British English or American spelt words for example: honour vs honor, humour vs humor, analyse vs. analyze, catalogue vs. catalog, etc… Unlike the Americans, Canada uses the metric system and distance is calculated using kilometers and meters. So when driving it is important to adjust how fast you are travelling accordingly.

Canada has 11 provinces. The equivalent to a Governor in the Unites States is a Premier of the Province.
Canada has two official languages: French and English. Canada’s economy is mostly natural resources and it’s the biggest Oil exporter to the US. Though Canada is a geographically vast country, it has a population of 34 million, which is less than the entire population of the State of California. To the most part, Canadians are laid back and very friendly people until of course it comes to their national sport- hockey.

Canada welcomes you all!

Ms. Carol Magambo
PHONE:1-604-765-7810 or 1-778-571-0594
923 12 Street
P.O.Box 41541
New Westminster, BC Canada
V3M 1K0

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