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Malaika Clothing strives to be one of the premium leading lifestyle designers in the fashion world. Malaika means “angel” and is derived from two African languages, Swahili and Luganda. Malaika-Clothing was founded by Mr. Joseph Mutebi AKA Malaika. He developed an incredible love for fashion at a very young age. His passion for style increased tremendously within the last seven years and forced him not only to further explore the world of fashion, but also to add his own twist and creativity to the industry.

Malaika soon realized that his ambitions and goals would only be realized and satisfied through starting his own brand. In early 2009, Joseph started his own clothing brand and called it “Malaika-Clothing”. He has since then teamed up with family members, his brother Michael, his father, Mathew, and close friends. They continuously offered support and guidance on how to establish the brand as one with outstanding quality.

Malaika-Clothing takes great pride in producing quality products. We invest a tremendous amount of time in making sure that while our products aim to satisfy our customers with their design, style, taste and visual appeal, QUALITY is always at the center of everything. Satisfaction with any of our products is guaranteed. Joseph Malaika Mutebi is a Ugandan enrolled at Bentley College.

Joseph Malaika Mutebi
Bentley University
BS Marketing
CEO Malaika Clothing
Cell 781-420-3287

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    Malaika, it’s a blessing to know you as a friend, your hard work is finally getting the world’s attention, we got your back brother keep on keeping on.

    Kasibante Rodney

    It is great to see more Ugandan entrepreneurs! But I do not see what makes this line different. There are good looking models who sell the line but it looks like any clothing with just the company logo. I hope I do not sound like I am putting you down. I only want to know what is different about this line.

    Meghan Mahoney

    It’s never a question, I have watched you progress from the very beginning, I personally think your very talented and passionate about this. Some would expect the usual Nudity and sexuality, but you’re getting noticed for the efforts and surprises we might not not the initial behind the scenes or all the hard work that you put it,
    The world is so big and you work tireless to get noticed i give that to you. you might not even know where am at but trust me, I always watch all the postings and fell in love with this line. Looking forward to all the new stuff that will come because this looks very promising in just a short amount of time.

    also one advice, you need to take everyone’s opinion very serious,

    Brianna McDyce

    Tokyo is a city that changes constantly and notoriously. And the fashion world changes constantly so my friend, you need to come out here..YOur girl models are super cute but you need to add extra make up that would make the the out fit stand out, you should come to tokyo want your crowd to get a sense of the amazing wide range of brands and different fashion styles, and that’s what we have here.
    YOu are doing all the right things but with fashion, there’s always something missing. this might take you some time but it will abs. pay off

    Pricy Makenzie

    I am from London and am very impressed and so in love with the line. I still have my sweater I bought from you and I feel special being the only one rocking MALAIKA


    This is awesome keep going never give up.


    With God everything is possible. This is a great achievement for all Africans. May the Almighty God bless the company and wish you the best


    When it comes to fashion, I rarely wear brights, but your brights are the type I would wear I don’t know why. your stuff is memorable which is a very good thing. and you need to take very good advantage of that


    Thanks for all the advise and support!!

    Najjemba Annet

    That’s really good am proud of you nephew God bless your hands dear.

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