Maurice Kirya’s New Album, “The Book of Kirya” will be released on Friday, Oct 12th, Available on Itunes ~ Preview a Sample Track “Nnanaagira” from the Album

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The book of Kirya’ is an album that was created, recorded and performed live in Kampala/Uganda by Maurice Kirya. The album comprises of 14 songs.  The Book Of Kirya is a musical  & lyrical documentation of Kirya’s mind in form of a music album. The album was created with the target to appeal to people from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, or religion, a truly universal album.

Maurice Kirya’s New Album, “The Book of Kirya” will be released on Friday, Oct 12th, Available on Itunes ~ Check out:

The album which took a year and half in the making was proudly recorded live here in Uganda.

It features great instrumentalists including Kampala’ guitar maestro Micheal Ouma. The album will be promoted worldwide with hopes to expose one of the many talents that Uganda has to a global stage.
The album will be sold online as well as physical CDs
for more information, go to

All songs written, Performed,, arranged by: Maurice Kirya recorded at: BlackSmith studios, Kampala, Uganda.
It was mixed & mastered : JazzWorx studios, Randburg, South Africa

Packaging : Disc manufacturing services, Plymoth UK.
Mixing, Mastering assistance : Institute Francais.
Recording, and session musicians management by : Mwooyo Ltd

Executive producer: Maurice Kirya.
Photos by: Face studios Kampala, & Will Boase

NNANAAGIRA:(Stammer) Is a song off the upcoming album called ‘THE BOOK OF KIRYA” The song speaks of a man (Julius) who fails to say how he feels every time his dream girl comes around, he stutters and makes a fool of himself when he tris to express his feelings! In the song he decides to open to her and tell her that every time that she is around him, his tongue gets heavy yet all he want to do is tell her that he is in love!

Album Creation insight from Maurice Kirya ~ Genre:  “Music Futuristic Mwooyo”

The making Of The Book Off Kirya was different because it’s the first time we incorporated a live drum set! Recording drums can be very difficult where I come from due to not having the appropriate equipment, but we did our best and captured the sound we were looking for, a fully live album but still brings out the youthful fun.

This album took a longer time because of all the technical, strategies and session artistes that had to be involved.

Every moment of making this album was special because we were like mad scientists always discovering a new method around the music, doing “Mulembe Gwa Kirya” was one of those special moments, it almost felt biblical hahahaha

On this album I managed to bring out the “Maurice Kirya” that people know on stage, my last album’s sound was more reserved compared to who I am on stage, so I tried to merge the two and bring  out a deeper description of who I am!

I worked with Sam Bisaso of BlackSmith Studio, Uganda, where I recorded live with different session musicians, and also got to feature Myko Ouma.

Maurice says that he made sure that the back bone of the music was in Uganda and when he could not find equipment to do something here, he opted for another place:

I believe that my fans have put me where  I am but I wont take them for granted by giving them sub standard work! I want people to look back and say, the guy did not compromise on the quality he thought we needed to hear! and I know I have a good fan base in Kampala but it’s important that my fans are aware of everything that is coming up! hence the billboards, TV add, & Radio, my online personal interaction with fans; that stuff is important to me and my fans!


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