Post Bank – Uganda Introduces Diaspora Classic Banking

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Post Bank Diaspora Classic Banking is designed mainly for you, a Ugandan residing in a foreign country. Operating this account offers you the opportunity of maintaining an account in Uganda while resident abroad.

Why you need this account

Many Ugandans transfer funds to relatives, friends and acquaintances to meet obligations back home Quite often, it costs too much to go through traditional money transfer or banking processes to send money home. This is unfortunate as funds transferred from abroad are often relied upon by parents and relatives for survival.

Unfortunately, it often happens that the funds sent home are diverted and they do not serve their intended purposes. Sometimes, emergencies arise leading to many stalled projects in Uganda as funds take too long to be delivered.

Ugandans abroad are skeptical about keeping or investing funds at home due to risks of being duped and relatives diverting funds.

Account benefits

• Affordable initial deposits
• Easy to maintain
• Unlimited withdraws
• No monthly charges
• Interest is calculated monthly and paid twice annually (June and December)
• Direct debit transfers
• Affordable account transfers locally and international
• 24/7 access to your account
• Account allows you to access PostBank loan products

How to open up this account

Log on to Post Bank web site (, click on PostBank Diaspora Classic link page and fill an online account opening form specifying your personal details.

An account opening request notification will be sent to your email, confirming receipt of your account opening request. You will also receive two links. The first link has a copy of the system-generated completed account opening form. The second link will enable you to upload the endorsed account opening form and required documents.

The Post Bank appointed public Notary will verify the documents for attachment.

Scan and upload the endorsed account opening form along with soft copies of your account opening documents.
Once the first message is received at PostBank we will keep in touch and be able to guide you on the nearest Notary for document verification.

Requirements for the account opening

• A signed application form to be uploaded online.
• A recent passport photograph in soft or hard copy.
• Valid mailing and physical address
• Initial deposit of $50
• Proper documentary identification e.g passport, ID, driving permit.
• An introduction letter from either employer or recognised local authority in the diaspora verified by the public Notary.
• Signing mandate.

How to deposit funds on this account

You can deposit funds into the Post  Bank Diaspora Classic Account by;
• SWIFT transfers (Our SWIFT BANK Code is UGPBUGKA)

Tel: +256 414 258 551/3
Mobile: + 256 772 445 422

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    lwevoola jacqueline

    so proud to see postbank reach such heights. bravo!


    I have no Uganda document that prove that am Ugandan! Will I still be able to open the account ?


    You don’t have to prove that you are Ugandan, what is required is a positive identity of yourself, such passport issued by any country, driving permit etc –


    The link seems to be not working, I got a unsecured certificate warning then I a server error 404 file or directory not found. These are things that they really need to address as it leaves one doubting if this a secure way of conducting business with the bank

    kalungi benard

    i request the procedure of logging in my postbank account on internet

    Kenneth Aguma

    Am gonna send my applicatoin.


    how will I access to my account because I already opened up my account in the post bank so I need your help thanks


    hello just want some guidance on how to transfer funds from my mtn line to my account and also form thee account to my mobile money line. thanks and hope to get feedback soon


    iwant to cancel my standing ORDER immediately


    May you please, activate my internet account it was deactivated

    Bulage oliver

    Please i changed my email to that may u activate my internet banking


    I changed bank from centenary bank to post bank to use on line banking for post bank so that i can send money to my family but that was the biggest mistake i have ever done. i have been having issues every since i changed . now the bank is off line for 2 week yet i have emergencies at home i send money, the money cant reach if i call the bank they do not answer my call

    kahungu emmy

    j would lke u 2 help us n upgrade ur system of trfering money to mobile money numbers in uganda cz by now itz nt active,thanks.

    Francis Ziwa

    I have a savings account with your institution, masaka branch, can I use the account details to open a diaspora account as another one or convert the former to the later?

    Francis Ziwa

    I have a savings account with your institution, masaka branch, can I use the account details to open a diaspora account as another one or convert the former to the later.


    Musasroizi Joseph Madye

    I need to get diaspora account in the names stated above
    and i will be grateful requst is considered in action
    my telephone NO 971554900575 Abu Dhabi


    No customer care in post bank mainly with summit banking section they don’t care . I talked to over 12 people to have my account activated i dont even
    Know why they deactivated my account , post bank was my favorite bank but now it seems the services are becoming really poor . All emails are not going through


    Please Activate my Internetbanking was deactivated


    I dont think there is anything working here.if there is tel me how i can check ma balance i came to uganda and filled the forms but nothing like a response since i left dont put thingz that are not working to dis organise people.

    nakiganda Deborah

    I want to dipost direct on my Uganda acount

    nakiganda Deborah

    U don’t reply our watsapp massages are you thieves were in Saudi Arabia


    After opening diaspora Classic account can one be given Visa credit card where one can withdraw money any where in any country

    Muganyizi Ronald

    Suppose I already have an account in postbank, do I have to created another one. Can’t that go multipurpose?

    Edward kizanyiro

    Please how can I open

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