Counting Down To The First Ugandan Diaspora Business and Investors Expo ~ Boston, Sat July 6th, 2013

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News Flash ~ With less than 30 days to go, Preparations are in high gear for the first major trade and investors business exposition on July 6th in Boston. The event that will be supported by the Diaspora Desk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Our embassy in Washington led by the newly appointed Ambassador Her Excellency Olivia Wonekha, together with host of other prominent business personalities led by Prof. Maggie Kigozi, our patron and Director at Crown Beverages (Pepsi) Ltd who will lead the private sector community to this summer business expo at the Burlington Marriott in Boston.

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Topics and areas of discussion will include Real Estate and Property Management, Diaspora Insurance, Diaspora Bonds, Diaspora E-Banking, Diaspora Money Transfers, Diaspora Tourism and Diaspora Investments.  Tickets are now available for purchase at $50 dollars.  Some of the confirmed speakers include the new Executive Director — Uganda Investment Authority Eng. Frank Sebbowa,  Angel Jones of Home-Coming Revolution Africa, a representative from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a representative from the Bank of Uganda, a representative from the US Department of Commerce, the director Promote Uganda — Mr. David Nsubuga, a representative of AAR a leading medical insurance provider in East Africa and a host of other real estate developers from Uganda. Here is link from the press conference held in Kampala at the Uganda Media Center.

Some might ask, why Boston? —The Boston area is home to the highest concentration of Ugandans in North America. Our numbers are not yet known but it’s
estimated that over 200,000 Ugandans live in the US and Canada, out of which between 30,000 and 50,000 Ugandans live in the Boston area alone. Apparently around 100,000 Africans live in Massachusetts. As a result, a number of Ugandan businesses continue to grow and thrive-especially in the city of Waltham which stretches along the 128/I-95 Beltway to Burlington and Lowell, the Boston Globe described it as the “Little Kampala” because of its Ugandan business success stories. Here is a link to a story that appeared in the Globe several years ago.        

In addition to this population, currently there are over 10 Ugandan churches in Massachusetts alone which include a Catholic church with over 1,000 members; two Anglican/Episcopal churches with over 800 members; 7 Pentecostal churches that have 500 – 800 members and a vibrant Moslem community with a mosque in Waltham and a newly acquired piece of real estate in Boston.

Regarding business, Ugandans in the greater Boston area presently own and run a wide variety of small businesses that range from: real estate companies, tax/accountant firms, law offices, transportation (one owns and runs the yellow cab taxi company in Waltham), Delivery services, hair salons, barber shops, convenience stores, Car towing, restaurants, bars and night clubs. As you know, Ugandans like to have a good time and to enjoy life. To that effect they often have weekly BBQs at popular recreation
parks in the cities of Waltham and Watertown during the summertime.

Vendor and Magazine space is available for purchase.  A special discounted room rate of $99 dollars has also been negotiated. See link for the hotel gallery and all the amenities that await you during this Independence weekend.

This event will be organized similar in style to the Uganda Infrastructural Development Workshop held in June in the city of Dallas, Texas. See link for the highlights from last year.

Exodus from Uganda will be among the featured Entertainers and a Fashion show by the US based Ugandan Designer Joe Malaika Clothing will also form part of the LIVE entertainment and Dinner.

We shall also have a grand finale Independence Networking BBQ on Sunday July 7th 2013 at Arsenal Park, behind Arsenal Mall in Watertown, Massachusetts. Tickets for the business expo can be purchased using the eventbrite link below —

Boston welcomes you all to this very first Ugandan Diaspora Business Expo — on July 6th 2013!

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    Maggie Kigozi

    Excellent Ronnie. I look forward to meeting you all in Boston. Let us share the oportunities for you in Uganda and Ugandans will identify opportunies in the USA.


    Ethiopian Airlines office in Uganda is proud to be in partners with Ugandas at home and diaspora. Thank you Uganda for your patronage in creating, nurturing and developing the airlines to this level we are now.

    It has been in 1965 that Ethiopian airlines opened up its schedule service with a weekly flight. We now have a double daily schedule service from Addis Ababa to Entente with B737-800 latest version. Depending on the traffic we can increase capacity or decrease up or downward. Effective June 15, 2013 the B737-800 will be maintained throughout.

    Without Africa and in particular Uganda we wont have been what we are today in Uganda.

    Thank you and hope to see you on one of our schedule flight.

    Weldone Mr Ronnie. Wish you a successful conference,

    Abebe Angessa

    Area Manager Uganda


      Mr. Angessa,

      Thanks to Ethiopian Airlines Africa has remained inter-connected even with our poor infrastructure.

      Ethiopian has demonstrated that indeed the airline is the ‘New Spirit of Africa’ and in the spirit of pan-africanism has also helped network Africa by offering more destinations on the continent….

      Viva Ethiopian Airlines and viva Africa!!


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