Ugandan Artist ~ Hawa A’Baale Musa, An Anointed Worship Leader, Gospel Singer and Entertainer

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Hawa A’Baale Musa an anointed worship leader, a gospel singer and above all an entertainer who has taken the world by storm with her charismatic personality and her music that, not only reaches out to the younger but to all ages, with a  strong teaching messages of the Word.  Her music Specializes in, but not limited to unlocking mysteries that would enlighten, strengthen, illuminate, and bring understanding and spiritual insight to the body of Christ, leading and positioning younger people in places where they would discover their calling in this world. She believes to everyone born there is a call and a purpose in their life.

With a Ugandan-Kenya-Rwanda-Indian heritage and the inhabitants of both in Uganda and Kenya,  Hawa grew up in a multi-cultural dimensional society with different sects and beliefs. Her grew up  in a secular world that had a grip on every young person in a country Uganda, which was tone with wars and tribal differences, until at the age of 14 when she was radically transformed by the power of the Lord from Islam.

Discovering the call of God on her life as a worshiper and singer,  Hawa A’Baale Musa joined the highway into ministry shortly after her conversion, which was not easy because of her Muslim background. Still she started counseling to the younger girls and boys in schools and churches who were in the same boat, telling them the word of God wherever doors were splitting open.

With her strong but humble spirit, her educational back ground in management, Accounting and sales she founded Bantu_Pro Holdings ltd ( a company both local and international which has a ministry that reaches the poor, the lost, the brokenhearted, the captives and the bound through the saving, healing, and life transforming power of music.

Described as one of God’s ambassadors with such anointing of worshiping and ministering decadence out of the churches, in conferences, crusades, functions, gospel shows, conducted and trained church choirs, sings at meeting, dinners and so forth.

She has stepped on many platforms especially all around and abroad with her concrete incorruptible songs full of powerful transforming messages which flow the re-birthing enduring legacies and restoring peoples hopes and dreams. Accompanied with her powerful life testimonial of converting from Islam to Christianity, Hawa A’baale Musa is ushering forth a new breed of younger people to embrace the Spirit of Elijah that would crush and eradicate the strongholds. Leading her life and the team, she heads without spot or wrinkle.

After more than 2years of hard work, traveling while doing her ministry, she has been working on her music for her tour and launch of her album  entitled  “Ampadde” comprising of over 10 songs that  have been recorded in Kampala and Nairobi.

The launch is basically about celebrating 10 years since the Lord delivered her from the Spiritual attack that almost left her dumb and Crazy in 2003, so come May 5th 2013 at Kansanga Miracle Center she will unleash the true performance where people will see good art, hear good music, dance to good beats, enjoy the real show in its sense of music, dance and drama bringing back what is called entertainment in the music art world.

It will be a time when the patrons will enjoy her good music, the costumes, the lighting, good sound and sound effects, good cerography, sweet harmonies and powerful beats and rhythms. Hawa Musa has promised all her fans and friends that you’ll not be disappointed come the 5th 2013. After a very long time you’re going to see the real performance while being entertained and fed with good messages.

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    an amazing life testimony….cant wait to attend yo lauch dear Hawa! Kudoz!


    God bless u and open many more doors of opportunity in JESUS’S NAME will definately be thier

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