Captain Mike Mukula Wins “Embezzlement” Appeal, Set Free

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Mukula was on January 18 found guilty for embezzling Shs 210 million earmarked for Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and sent to Luzira prison for four years by Anti Corruption Chief Magistrate, Irene Akankwasa. However, the Anti-Corruption High Court Judge, David Wangutusi ruled Wednesday that prosecution fell short of providing ample evidence to pin Mukula for embezzlement. Wangututsi said Mukula must be released forthwith.

Mukula’s lawyers had earlier challenged the conviction on grounds that trial Magistrate Irene Akankwasa erred in law when she believed the prosecution case before hearing his case. Akankwasa was further faulted for falling short in properly evaluating evidence adduced during the trial thus making a biased conclusion.

The lawyers further noted the magistrate was not fair when she failed to consider the option of fine instead of sentencing him to four years in jail. Mukula is now addressing press outside court premises. Mukula later held a press conference outside court. He praised President Yoweri Museveni, Teso elders, his wife Gladys Mukula, children, relatives, friends for being supportive during his stay at Luzira.

He further thanked MPs and Ministers who always checked on him at prison. “I have learnt so many things at Luzira. I am very strong. My back has not been broken. I am glad God has given me this golden opportunity to be with you,” said Mukula. “I really thank God for this. God cannot be bribed. Justice has prevailed.”

“The nights have been long. But the sun has risen. No matter how long the dark nights can be there is always light at the end of the tunnel,” he added. “My commitment to people of Uganda and justice will remain steadfast. I come out of prison with a stronger commitment.”

Mukula said he would be travelling to Soroti Municipality, a Constituency he represents in Parliament, to meet the people who stood with him “during the trying moments.”

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