Video Archive ~ Video showing Buganda King, Kabaka Muteesa II Speaking

Posted April 6, 2013 by Ugandan Diaspora News Team in Culture ~ 40,730 views


Amazing Historical Footage: This is a rare video, probably one of the only videos that have lasted through the years, showing Bugandan King, his Majesty Kabaka Muteesa II. I have to admit I had only seen him in photos, but this video brings that Era to life. When you see him in person, and hear his inflections and mannerism, it’s like touching a living piece of Ugandan History.

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    you are doing great service. Job well done



    Did this guy go to an English Public school?- I say he speaks rather posh. Incredible!


    Forgive me, I would never have guessed who that was if I there was only the audio… That accent is so ‘English’ Lol!

    Kavuluu Charles

    This is great.

    Thank you so much

    Henry Feng

    a milestone …..this affluence alone surrogates and perpetuites his ambitions to the current and future generation …….HE DESERVES MORE THAN HE HAS FROM US….seriously.


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