Japan Dispatch ~ Ugandan singer detained, arrested at Tokyo International Airport

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Iryn Update — Following the news that Ugandan singer Iryn Namubiru has been arrested and continues to be held after her arrival in Tokyo at the Narita International Airport, the International Police in the African country have said they will begin looking into the matter. Interpol’s director in Uganda, Asan Kasingye, has stated that they were notified by Japanese police after Namubiru was arrested, and that she was being held for possession of illegal drugs.

While the singer is a Ugandan national, she holds a French passport, which is believed to part of what prompted Japan’s suspicions. Interpol says they will be in contact with French authorities in order to assist Namubiru in any way possible. Interpol also confirmed that she was found with powdered groundnuts concealing drug pellets inside her belongings, but the singer has said she had no knowledge of what was inside the parcel.

The whereabouts of Kim Tumwesigye, AKA Kim Ueno, are also of interest to Interpol, as he is the promoter who hired her to perform in Tokyo, but supposedly has already fled Japan. Director Kasingye comments that they have found it odd that he would hire a performer, only to abandon them when difficulties arise. Namubiru’s associate in Uganda has said that if she was found with drugs, it had to have been a set-up, while her brother and manager are dismissing claims from the internet that she was already deported back to the city of Kampala, suspecting that they are the work the shady promoter.
Iryn Namubiru, a Ugandan singer, was arrested at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport before supposedly performing at a concert at the Yotsukaido Cultural Hall in the capital city. The chairman of the Ugandan community in Japan, Twaibu Ssekamate, confirmed the arrest, but could not give further details as for the reason and circumstances of her detainment.

The Ugandans who were waiting at the concert venue received reports about her arrest and immediately trooped to the airport to support her. But local police informed them that they could not do anything to help Namubiru because she was carrying a French passport. She has reportedly sought the help of the French embassy in Japan.

Unconfirmed sources say that she was found to be in possession of pellets mixed with groundnut seeds, which by itself, does not seem to be illegal. The singer claims that someone from Uganda who has relatives in Japan just handed her the package and she had no knowledge of its contents. Another report says that her arrest has something to do with a misunderstanding with her Japanese promoter, a Kim Ueno. Her Ugandan promoter, Balaam Barugahara, said that if the drugs are the reason, then it must be a set-up

She is currently still being held by the Japanese police and since there is no official word from the authorities, these are all rumors and speculations. Namubiru has been tweeting for the past week about how excited she was that she will be performing in Japan, so all this must be disappointing for her and her fans as well.

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    Ask for a bail in case she is innocent of trafficking any illegal drugs. She needs a lawyer to support her in that case


    I feel very sorry for her bse if she is found guilty, the punishment isnt an easy one and bambi her kids!!! hmmmm am hoping its all a dream at this point coz japan doesnt kid when it comes to such!! Good luck Iryn


    foe me i think it should be a set up too, but Irene is a celeb we cant imagine of carrying groundnuts, its not her style, we praise her here in Ug,, if its true she carried gnuts then i wonder why she could carry them for to japan,and for what? that’s why i advise most Ugandans who go out, to check their lag-age before taking their flights, not every one who smiles at you loves you or wishes you well. but Iryn we pray that this issue is salved amicably. otherwise, good luck.


    This can happen to anyone, and it is advisable one to know what it is in the luggage .Perhaps she was given the luggage by someone she trusted and never botherd to ask, let us hope all end up well

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