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Dear Parent,

Thank you for your consideration of the boarding house of colors for your child. As a child ,I grew up with expatriate parents and with every job transfer came a change of school and country. It was therefore hard to make long term friends as we were constantly on the move.

In 2005, after 8 years of living in the diaspora as an adult with a child, I had to make the decision to bring my child back home as it was increasingly challenging to maintain and safeguard the child safety out of school since my long hours of work proved to not only be expensive in South Africa but also risky for my child.

So last year, a friend decided to go back to school in the UK, but had no one to leave her children with in Uganda, I realized that we have a great need as parents to not only give our children a good home, but an obligation to also maintain the standard of living the child has grown accustomed to as a way to guarantee their proper upbringing and nurturing.

From the above backgroud and through our previous and recent working relationships with a number of international schools, we came to realization that a great number of parents on the move and abroad would like to provide a decent living for their young ones if they separated either by work or boarders hence the introduction of the first private high end boarding facility in Uganda.

We are providing a tailor-made solution for you and your child during the school year. The Boarding House is located near the up scale market suburb of Munyonyo in Buziga.

A superb and homely 5 bedroom house within range and access to 4 different international schools. Fitted with an inverter to provide backup power during blackouts and all the child like amenities has been offered for those unable to attend to their children and work!
The property comprises spacious rooms to accommodate a limited number of children per room. Our particular intake at full capacity is 15 children!

A spacious common room were supervised TV and Play Station games are conducted is also provided and these board and computer games can be played with adult supervision. A full time nanny is also provided to prepare meals and snacks for the kids. Parents on the go can also skype their children to maintain the parent to child bond while away from home.


We hope that we can help parents who are in a predicament where they:

1. One who went abroad and left her children in the hands of a stepmother they cannot trust.
2. One who left the children in the care of a relative but the child is not well looked after by way of standard of life

3. One who is over loaded with work abroad but has nowhere to send the children back home and would like to maintain a similar lifestyle to that which the child is accustomed.

4. One whose child lives with a relative in a home with a large extended family and therefore does not fully benefit from the support sent by the parent. You send money every month for upkeep, but your child can not even enjoy cornflakes before school because of the numbers in the home!

5. One who has separated with a spouse abroad and the change in circumstances does not allow them to maintain a good living for the child abroad but can do so in Uganda.

6. One who would like to send the child home for the summer vacation so they learn and experience a little bit of their country.

7. Grandparents who have custody of their children and would like to go away on vacation but have no one to entrust the care of the children.

The child will benefit from the following:

1. They will live in a good and stable home with access to your modern day amenities.
2. They will always have parental supervision, love, care and understanding of the child’s needs.
3. Preparation for the child to be able to fit in when they travel abroad to the parent. At least the child will understand how to use a microwave or even washing machine. We can no longer take these things for granted.
4. The child is spared the feeling of resentment towards his parents as they can now ably and freely maintain a quality lifestyle for the child.
5. The child can maintain the quality of education in an international curriculum that the parent desires to maintain.
6. Direct skype access to the parent every weekend when not at school.
7. The child is looked after by dedicated and trusted nannies in a homely environment.
8. The single child can enjoy the benefits of social relation to siblings.
I look forward to further discussion and hope that you will entrust me with the care for your child.

Kind Regards,

Sheila Ssozi
The Boarding House of Colours

Mobile: +256 (0) 704024527
Office: +256 (0) 757559500

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