Don’t Miss AAR Health Services At The Boston Business Expo –The solution to your health-care needs. [Your Health Our Priority]

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AAR HEALTH SERVICES –The solution to your health-care needs. [Your Health Our Priority]

During 2012 changes in legislation placed AAR Health Services under the regulatory umbrella of the Insurance Regulatory Authority and as a result AAR Health Services is now fully licensed to sell Medical Insurance. As the leading provider of Medical Insurance in East Africa with a membership of over 170,000 members AAR has grown over the last 26 years with a solid footprint in the region.

It started its operations in Kenya in 1984 and in Uganda in 1994. AAR Health Services (U) Limited is also licensed by Ministry of Health and it is involved in provision of health services of emergency nature, as well as routine outpatients at our Health Centres and accredited preferred providers and partner hospitals that transverse most districts in every corner of the East Africa region.

Our determination to deliver managed healthcare and emergency services of the highest standard to an expanding membership through well-managed, highly motivated and caring teams to achieve this, has enabled our success over the last 27 years. Through the innovative efforts of its staff, AAR Health Services will continue to be a market leader and will conduct a business, which is profitable to its shareholders, rewarding to its staff, invaluable to its members and respectful of the environment.

There Is A Need!

We believe that there is an unattended need for the diaspora to access adequate medical healthcare services during their stay in Uganda. We also understand that a lot of members in the diaspora have a responsibility towards looking after their dependents in Uganda especially when it comes to health matters.

For yourself as a diaspora member traveling to Uganda

  •  When you visit home in Uganda and need immediate medical assistance to bridge the gap while your international cover kicks in……..
  • Are you going to rely on telephone network interruptions in your golden hour?
  • Are you going to get immediate rescue in an emergency situation?
  • Have you thought of short term cover for you and your family while visiting Uganda?
  • What will you do when a visiting relative from Uganda falls sick here in the U.S?

For your loved ones and dependents back home in Uganda

  • Are you on the edge expecting a call from home about a sick loved one?
  • Do you have an emergency fund in place to take care of your dependents back home?
  • Do you want to directly transfer funds to the HMO for your dependents cover?
  • Do you want to give your relatives back home access to free health talks and organized counseling services
  • Who will rescue your loved ones in an emergency when you are away?
  • Are Funeral Expenses delayed and waiting for your arrival?

We therefore are focusing on the provision of services to cater for these two major needs of the average diaspora member. My department has committed the resource to assist all diaspora members and their dependents access the AAR health services throughout Uganda form emergency rescue and evacuation to case management.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Having AAR as a Member of the Diaspora.

  • International emergency medical cover area – up to the first 45 days of absence from the territory in any membership year. This is only for hospitalization *
  •  Personal Accident with Permanent Total Disability Cover*
  • Accident Hospitalization and treatment including surgery.
  •  Timely Emergency rescue and Evacuation throughout Uganda
  • Case management, Medical history and reports are accessible.
  • All members will get Routine health checks (basic medex): Cardiovascular Exam – (Auscultation and ECG), Vital Signs – (blood pressure, cholesterol, pulse, respiration, temperature, etc)
  • State of the art IT system for benefit management and service delivery coordination-authorized admissions at any facility in East Africa.*In-house nutritionist and counseling services. AAR Rewards with our discount partners.

AAR will be unveiling their Diaspora Health Plans at The Boston Business Expo — Plan to attend the Business Forum and Dinner to learn more! Tickets available online at our eventbrite page

For your Diaspora Medical Cover and Group Coverage needs contact Sheila Ssozi – Business Development Manager, Brokerage & Alternative Channels. Email: or and Tel: +256712896412 Website —

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    Peace Seninde

    Greetings Ronnie,

    I applaud your efforts of organizing such a magnificent Business Expo. . You are such a great inspiration to the Ugandan’s in the Diaspora and wish you the best of luck and success. My husband and I are looking forward to attending the event.


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