Malaika Clothing Showcases At The Ugandan Diaspora Boston Business Expo – See Complete Gallery Below

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In what was an evening of glamour and style Malaika Clothing presented their new summer collection at the Burlington Marriott during the business expo dinner — When asked about the inspiration behind his summer collection Joe Mutebi said — Malaika Clothing chooses bright colors because they at Malaika are inspired by the beauty of color and its contribution to Fashion. Bright colors give fashion a new statement apart from black and white. The competition in the fashion world, motivates Malaika to give more hence the inspiration for the collection.

Some of the other designers that showcased during the Ugandan Diaspora Business expo included Swim wear by Artiss Akarra and Bel’Aino by Belinda Ogaino. Below are some of the highlights from the Fashions show at the Burlington Marriott. Below are some of the designs that made it to the catwalk! Enjoy

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    Last wk fashion show was beautiful glamour style and a trendsetter. Joe wonderful job!!


    Thanks to everyone who showed up


    thanks for MALAIKA CLOTHING for fantastic fashion show specially thank to Mr. Joe Mutebi his hard work & effort makes the show awesome…..Also thank to Micheal Mutebi & MALAIKA CLOTHING’S all models for their valued performance…

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