Book Review | Our Greatest Fear is the Transition of Power – An Open Letter to The President By Godfrey Mitch Sseruwagi

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Book Review | Our Greatest Fear is the Transition of Power – An Open Letter to The President By Godfrey Mitch Sseruwagi

The book is about 380 pages and comes in both paperback and hard cover and e-book kindle format. It can be found online via book retailers like Amazon, Barnes and noble, You can go on amazon put  “sseruwagi Godfrey Mitch and click on the kindle format to see specific chapters and how the story begins. Limited copies of this book will be available for sale at the UNAA Dallas Convention.

About the Book

In his epic account of a child’s war memories during Idi Amin’s reign and growing up as a teenager during successive terror regimes, he witnessed political turmoil from violent military battles of clinging on to power, which left indelible traumatic scars on the hearts and souls of his generation. The country was ravaged by war until a peasant army stormed the city, ended massacres and restored peace in most of Uganda.

But the child then, now a father, is worried deep for his children, for his generation and for a country with politicians and the military that have never known the values of orderly and peaceful transition of political power in the last 50 years. Aware that the peace makers and defenders are justifiably about to retire. Should we panic?

The aging and impoverished peasants angry and frightened of the immense threat of unending poverty reckon that, the Government Vision 2040, desirous of modern and prosperous country, is too far away. They hope that the sweet dreams of a better life, promised by this President, can still be lived earlier in their lifetime, during the economic revolution proposed in this open letter to the President, whom they also debate whether he measures up to the title of “The Father of the Nation”

About the Author

Sseruwagi Godfrey Mitch was born in Matanga, Masaka District in Uganda (East Africa). He was schooled in both Uganda and United States as a Computer Scientist – Information Systems Technology and Management. He worked as an Information and Communication Technology Consultant for Uganda Government Electoral Commission and Ministry of Education and Sports. He worked as the vice President, Omicron Corporation in Hudson and Vice President, International Marketing Division of Digital Card Systems in Acton, Massachusetts, USA.

Currently, he is a Project Advisor on Uganda National Security Information Systems (NSIS). He is an entrepreneur in Information and Communication Technology and construction equipment. He is a mobilizer and a cadre for the ruling National Resistance Movement Party, NRM and a Member of the National Executive Council (NEC) representing the Entrepreneurs League as the General Secretary. He is a founding member of the Uganda’s NRM Diaspora League and the founding Chairperson of NRM, United States Branch. The author can be reached at

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    I guess its good piece of work though i hav not read it! Just send me a copy Mw. Sseruwagi. Matovu, Buganda Land Board-Uganda

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