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Greetings Folks,

And a warm welcome to September, the month that marks the beginning of the fall school semester. I trust that those of you in the US enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. For my part it was definitely a weekend well spent as I was in attendance for the 25th Silver Jubilee celebrations of UNAA , the Ugandan North American Association, held in Dallas, Texas.

As one would expect in a UNAA election year, Dallas was a hive of activity, as Ugandans did what they do best– network, socialize and party. UNAA has come a long way and judging from the attendees, some of whom represent the second generation of UNAA membership, the organisation is assured of a future over the next 25 years. It should therefore be a great pleasure to see you all in San Diego for the 2014 convention. Register for the early bird special at UNAA.ORG –

Noteworthy at UNAA 25 was the huge delegation of more than 10 Ministers, MPs and business leaders attending from Uganda. Even more interesting was the political forum that hosted some lively debate. During one particular exchange, I asked Nduggu Rugunda and the NRM top party representatives to explain, if indeed NRM is a transparent party, the reason for the expulsion of Hon. Mohammed Nsereko and his co-accused. Hon. Nsereko was quick to seize the moment in exposing the lack of democracy within the movement system and what led to the  – the rebel MPs expulsion from NRM.

What followed was a spirited effort by Disciplinary Chairman of NRM party Hon. Adolf Mwesige and the Minister without Portfolio Charles Tadwong, who, while giving a rebuttal, told the audience that Major Rtd General Mugisha had swum in the same sewage as army commander and that it was under his watch that the ghost soldiers emerged within the army. Of course the retired Major General and many in the audience were quick to react to this guff as they assured NRM that, indeed, the party had now become sewage that needed replacing. Muntu reiterated that he left the army with a spotless record. He also spoke about the internal party wrangling both within the FDC and the opposition as a process that happens in every democracy but assured members that this would soon be a thing of the past as they prepare for 2016.

Back to the conventions — this month our brethren in the UK will also be congregating on September 14th for their UK Convention and we encourage as many as possibly can to attend. It is always a good thing when we as Ugandans meet in the Diaspora to network and exchange business opportunities. The UK boasts the largest number of Ugandans in the Diaspora and is second in remittances to Uganda after Kenya.

For those who plan to be in Uganda in December do join us for the 3rd annual Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking and Award Dinner. This year we intend to wow you with some great entertainment and leading personalities in the Diaspora. Mwine Mbaho Guma – famous for his role in the movie Blood Diamonds and US -TV series like ER, Heroes and Bones –will be in attendance and  recognized as the first Ugandan to break into the Hollywood film industry. Other honorees will include Oxfam Executive Director Winnie Byanyima and many others.  It will be a great pleasure to see you all on 30th December at Kampala Serena Hotel. Tickets are now available online for purchase for only $50 dollars–visit our event website for details. We also welcome nominations for those who need to be honored at the event, so let us know of any success stories worthy of recognition as we inspire the next generation of Ugandan leaders.

Be on the lookout this month for our Ugandan Diaspora Magazine Fall Edition. We invite all those who would like to advertise or receive a copy to email us at We also would like to feature success stories of Ugandans living here in the Diaspora so do not hesitate to contact us.

Other events happening this week in cities across the US and Canada will be Rtd Major General Mugisha Muntu’s town hall meetings across North America. We would like all those Ugandans with an open mind to show up and ask pertinent questions about the future of our country. Major General Rtd Mugisha Muntu will hold a town hall this weekend in Boston before heading to Canada.

Another brewing story gaining international attention has been the naming of Uganda as the final country to which many African migrants that will be deported from Israel will be sent. This particular decision carried in many of the Newspapers in Israel has many concerned if indeed true, would this mean that Uganda has now become another drop zone for radio active nuclear waste given how gullible our politicians have now become? I am not sure if our law makers in Parliament are even aware of this development that has been reported as a final deal reached to deport these African migrants to Uganda in Exchange for Arms and Money. See link to learn more —

A new cable tv news outlet, Al Jazeera America, launched August 20th and claims a new approach to story telling of the news at a time when many of us have begun to lose faith in the cable news channels led by Fox News, MSNBC and CNN coverage that seemed too superficial, liberal or pushing a gay agenda. The emergence in the US news market of Al Jazeera with its in-depth reporting is expected to fill a void experienced throughout the coverage today and may come as a breath of fresh air in America’s news landscape. —

September in the US always brings to mind 9-11, now 11 years after the day that forever changed the way Americans view security-related matters. A new challenge now presents itself as this war-weary nation grapples with yet another challenging situation, this time out of Syria. A recent debate on Al Jazeera America brought this into focus during which a Congressman opposed to intervention in Syria pointed out the irony of how America is now viewed as the strongest nation militarily but having the poorest judgment when it comes to war matters, something that has greatly eroded US credibility across the globe. Whatever the UN or US decision on Syria, the use of chemical weapons on the people of Syria is in breach of the UN chemical weapons convention and ought to be punished with the harshest of measures.

Once again we thank you for your continued support and remind you that we welcome reader comments and new ideas on how best to grow our brand.

Quote of the month — Winston Churchill

Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.

Ronnie Mayanja
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