Jasiri 2013 Malaria Free Uganda | Pilgrim Africa Annual Fundraising Gala Nov. 07 2013 – Fremont Studios, Seattle WA.

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JASIRI 2013 - Where Does Hope Come From? from Pilgrim on Vimeo.

Hello Ugandan Disapora,

Hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you. I was on your website reading and thought you and your community might enjoy an invitation to our annual JASIRI 2013 event. I am part of Pilgrim Africa, a NGO indigenous to Uganda with an international office in Seattle, Wa. We run a STEM focused K-12 school and also an aggressively moving grassroots Malaria FREE Uganda advocacy campaign.

This year at our event we are excited to be announcing a formalized partnership with the Rotarian Malaria Partners and will be having Alan Magill, the Director of Malaria from Gate’s Foundation, speaking along side Hon. Robert Ekongot, the governor of the Katakwi District where Pilgrim Africa completed a comprehensive malaria control intervention.


Please feel free to circulate this invitation to those in the office who you think might be interested and especially anyone in the PNW region. On that note, it would be great if you have any local representatives from your community that I could connect with in the greater Seattle area.

Please kindly accept our offer of invitation.
You can find more information on the event here or scroll below:
And on Pilgrim Africa here:

Look forward to hearing from you!

Priscilla Hawkins
Marketing Communications Mgr, Pilgrim Africa

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