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Greetings from Kampala,

As we enter the last month of the year of our lord 2013 be sure to watch how you conduct your life. The end of the year has always been filled with calamities, ranging from natural disasters to reckless drivers who are often inebriated, so be safe as you enjoy the festivities this season brings!

What a year?? It has been a rather a challenging one for me but I am still grateful to God because my mother underwent an 8-hour surgery and pulled through, making a full recovery.

We start this month by commemorating December 1st, a day meant focus attention on AIDS/HIV. All over the world there have been many campaigns encouraging more responsible sexual behavior and for me nothing sums this up better have been summed up better than what my good friend, Dr Muniini Mulera in Toronto opined following President Museveni’s bold act to test publicly for the dreaded disease at a time when new cases are re-emerging in Uganda due to irresponsible sexual practices. Dr. Muniini called for individual responsibility between partners and the need to test as a matter of fundamental necessity.

Here is a related link that talks about revisiting the HIV story in Uganda —-

As we end the year Issues in the news were many, but that of Dual Citizenship and the effort to change some of the unfair clauses that make it difficult for us to enjoy this privilege is a cause I have embraced. After getting call from a friend in Melbourne, Australia, Mr. Joseph Kamara and Stephen Twino, in South Africa I felt this was the right thing to do. The requirements of paying $400 dollars to re-acquire Ugandan citizenship once citizenship has been received in a new country and making children born abroad of Ugandan parents to wait till they are 18 years to apply for Ugandan citizenship need to be rescinded and I call upon my fellow Ugandans to pursue and append their signatures to this petition.

The other big story that has been brewing is the the impending removal of Kampala’s Lord Mayor from office. The tribunal instituted to check for the abuse of office by the Lord Mayor released its findings which were received with a mixed reaction, as some see this as President Museveni’s attempt to remove a democratically elected Ceremonial Mayor. In as much I applaud the success and progress KCCA has made in reviving, reorganizing and redeveloping the city, I feel that this heavy handed approach with lots of behind the scenes wheeling and dealing might be a recipe for disaster as public opinion and recent press conferences have revealed. What started off as an impeachment hearing quickly changed course with court injunctions instituted to stop the impeachment process  and it may be true that “revenge is a meal best served cold”, but it could come at a price for Kampala and many of its inhabitants. Lukwago could have lost the battle at city hall but ultimately he may have won the war – judging from the public backlash to the impeachment!!

On December 30th we shall be back at Kampala Serena Hotel to celebrate those outstanding Ugandan Diaspora Achievers in a colorful awards ceremony. This year we shall be joined by Ms. Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, Oxfam International; Patrick Masambu, Deputy Director International Satellite Agency; Ntare Mbaho Guma Mwine, a sought after Ugandan Hollywood star with roles in such popular series as ER, HEROES, CSI; designers like Ras Kasozi, Solome Katongole, Martha Jabo. Our Special guest speaker will be Ms. Angel Jones founder and CEO Homecoming Revolution Africa who started the biggest South African Diaspora Initiative.   Entertainers will include East Africa’s jazz maestro Isaiah Katumwa, Exodus, traditional dancers and many leading comedians. Entry fee will be UGX 100,000. Tickets can be bought online or at Kampala Serena Hotel reception. Tickets bought at the door will cost UGX 150,000 so book your table or buy your ticket now. Details can be obtained at

Once again we at Ugandan Diaspora News thank you for taking the time to read our blog and pledge to return with even better ideas next year. Perhaps my biggest encouragement for us are the stories we read daily from people who have benefited from our postings like the Diversity Green card Lottery, Community Fundraisers and more recently the Dual Citizenship petition. Please join our Ugandan Diaspora News Fundraiser and  DONATE to help us to introduce new ideas like the Ugandan Diaspora TV channel and more indepth reports from different regions across the globe were Ugandans reside today.

Finally, allow me to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

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“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Farrah Gray

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