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According to a survey by Bank of Uganda and the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Uganda received $910 million in remittances in 2012, 12% higher than the 2011’s $813 million.

The $910 million received in transfers from abroad was 4.3% of Uganda’s 2012 GDP:

  • 43.1% of remitters were based in Africa, 25.9% Europe, and 20.6% North America (seeFigure 1).
  • The dollars sent by region closely matched the proportion of remitters by region, with Africa (44.1%) leading the group, Europe (25.9%) and North America (22.5%) coming in at a distant second and third, and Australasia (2.9%), Middle East (5.3%) lagging the group.
  • 35.1% was sent by a brother/sister abroad, 16.5% by a parent, 11.6% spouse, 8.3% daughter/son, 6.4% friend, and 22.0% other.
  • Please see Figure 2 for the foreign remittance flow to Uganda 2006-2012.
  • Over the last 7 years remittances to Uganda have accounted for on average 4.2% GDP.

Figure 1: Uganda Remitters by Region

Figure 2: Foreign Remittances to Uganda 2006-2012

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