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Mail Online – By Amy Andrew — A combination of red cabbage, Swiss chard, blueberries, apples and lemon might contain all the right nutrients for the perfect smoothie, but it will certainly get your taste buds tingling – for all the wrong reasons.  As health drinks chef Patience Arinaitwe-Mugadu admits, while her recipes are always developed with carefully selected proportions and ingredients for the most nutritious end product, it is ‘definitely a case of trial and error from a taste perspective!’.

To date, the above concoction has been her most disastrous, she says, but setbacks have been few and far between – her Vegesentials products are now gracing the shelves of Waitrose, Boots and Whole Foods thanks to their special nutritional values.

The brand Patience developed from her kitchen at home, is a pioneer in the the use of HPP Technology, a process that squeezes fresh fruit and veg in cold temperatures to retain their raw properties. There is no use of pre-packaged purees, heat treatment, added sugar, water, extracts, additives, powders or concentrates. The idea stemmed from a routine visit to her local GP back in 2010, which turned into a pivotal moment in her life after she heard the words: ‘You will have to be scanned for a brain tumour.’

It inspired a change of lifestyle and, more importantly, diet, for the mum of three, but also set her on the path to becoming an entrepreneur – and her launch of Vegesentials. ‘When you’ve lost family or friends to chronic illness, hearing these words can be particularly hard. As a wife and mother to three children, I certainly struggled to let it sink in.

‘On my way back home, I was literally numb from the weight of worry on my shoulders and I remember making a conscious decision to do all I possibly could to better my health and this started with radically changing my dietary lifestyle that very day. This meant including as much of nature’s most nutritious foods such as kale, spinach, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, and fruit into mine and my families everyday diet.

‘I began juicing and it wasn’t long before I was experimenting with new flavours and combinations for the whole family. Thankfully when the results came back there was no tumour, but the experience had certainly changed me within and the health benefits of incorporating fresh veg and fruit juices into our diets could be seen by the whole family, so we continued.’

Patience’s juices soon became a playground lunchbox hit. Other mother’s started asking for recipes and her experiments quickly became a full time hobby. She then decided to put her skills to good use and set up Vegesentials after noticing a gap in the market for raw fruit and vegetable drinks. She explained: ‘Taking my business to the next level took a lot of faith in terms of believing I was up to the challenge and a drastic change from being a housewife to entrepreneur.

‘I have received incredible 24/7 support from husband, Andrew, from the minute we decided to start Vegesentials. We worked together day and night creating a vision for the brand from a basic idea. ‘We also spent a lot of time reading and researching the technology that was capable of replicating what I had been doing in my own kitchen on a much larger scale – in order to attain the same home-made quality of our drinks.’

Drinks are available from Waitrose, Booths (a North West supermarket chain), Whole Foods, Planet Organic and Ocado stores.

Source – The UK Mail Online

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    Wow. This makes me sooo proud! Thanks for sharing. Next stop: Ugandan supermarket shelves???


    from beginning God had instructed Adam to eat fruits from trees only and no meats were mentioned fruits of one tree was forbidden, people translate whatever they think. so God had made those fruits whole to be foods and even medicines

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