Nile Cargo Carrier Inc — Now Shipping All Packages From the US & Canada Including Cars To Africa

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Nile Cargo Carrier is a shipping company specializing in exporting of Personal Effects, Household Goods, Commercial Products, Cars and Trucks to different destinations in Africa. The Carrier offers both Air Cargo & Ocean Freight Services from the USA and Canada to: East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, and West Africa.

They offer shipping Services to Caribbean’s, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.  Pick-Up Services in most major cities of the USA and Canada. Over 70 Receiving Agents across the United States where you can drop off your shipment.

If your Luggage or Box has been denied by your Airline due to excess weight, please call us and we will air lift it for you at a low cost.

Car shipping

There are two ways to send your Car to Africa or Overseas.

One is to use a 20 feet or 40 feet Ocean Container, and the container will be put on Container Vessel (ship) .
We offer both Containerized service to most part of Africa & RORO services to selected African ports .

RORO Service is expensive and risky to some parts of Africa mostly with land locked countries. (RORO: Refers to Roll On \ Roll Off cargo which is driven on & off the Ship. RORO cargo consists of items such Vehicles, Tractors, Large Trucks, Busses)

Packing Tips

Here are a few general things you need to know about packing your Personal Effects if you are planning to ship it as Loose Cargo by Air Cargo or Ocean Freight.are our suggested Packing Tips for Personal Effects and Household Goods:

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Packing Boxes

We suggest that you pack your Household items like Clothes, Beddings, Dishes, Computers, Home Electronics, etc in Double Walled Boxes.
The double walled boxes are stronger and are Heavy duty.
You can get double walled boxes from your local U-haul Store.
The U-Haul stores in your area have different sizes of double walled boxes.
We recommend the following sizes in inches:
18 x 18 x 28
24 x 24 x 20
24-½ x 24-½ x 27-½ and 24 x 20 x 34

You can also buy double walled boxes of these sizes: 18x18x27 and 24x20x34 from any local Moving Store or Storage Place in your area.
Different sizes of Double walled boxes can also be ordered online from


Do not ship half-filled boxes or leave empty spaces in the box.
In shipping business, one box is frequently stacked upon another.
Empty spaces in the box can sometimes allow the content to move freely causing damage to the items and package. You also run a risk of a heavier box crushing the half-filled box.
When shipping Fragile items or Breakables, always pack items tight to avoid shifting, and make sure you pad & cushion the items with clothes, bubble wraps and packing peanuts.
Make sure all sides of the box are tightly taped. You can put tape all around the box but don’t cover your name and address with the tape.


Books are Heavy; we suggest that you pack them in Book Boxes.

The Book Box size is usually 13″x13″x17″. You can also pack books in a Double Walled Box (18x18x28) but make sure that you mix Books with other light items to make boxes less heavy.

Packing in Suitcases is Ok but sometimes they tend to break by the zips in long transit.
If you pack in a suitcase, make sure that it’s strong and of a good brand.

Furniture requires special handling and can only be shipped using specialized carrier service, which is somehow expensive.
Unless you are shipping Furniture in your own Ocean container, we can only ship Furniture when it’s packed in Wooden Crate or packed by professionals.

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Medical Equipments, Large Photo Copiers, Printing Machines and Delicate Equipments need to be shipped in a wooden crate.

Labeling plays an important role in shipping and is part of the shipper’s responsibility. Make sure you label Boldly and Clearly the sender names and the Consignee’s full address and phone number on the two opposite sides of the box.

Because Nile Cargo does not handle Dangerous Goods, please do not send these commodieties to us. Don’t pack Arms and Ammunitions or items which contain Oil and Gas. Thank you.

All International Shipments are subject to Export Documentation Fee of $25.00

Picking up shipment from your residence or business in any major city in the USA to our Shipping Terminal costs 70 cents per pound, or $80 minimum. If you drop off your shipment to our Agent nearest to you, it will cost you 40 cents per pound to transfer to our Shipping Terminal. For larger shipments, book a 20 foot or 40 foot Sea Container.


Nile Cargo Carrier, Inc.
70 Princeton St, Suite 4
North Chelmsford, MA. 01863 USA
Office: 1 (781) 891-4035
Mobile: 1 (781) 844-3014
Fax: 1 (781) 891-4235


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