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The long awaited UNAA Boston local chapter revival meeting was under way at 5pm March 30th at the Waltham French Club. The former UNAA Boston chairman Mr. James Serumagga opened the evening with some brief remarks before inviting Mr. Nsereko Simple who then assumed the MCee role.

In his opening remarks Mr. Serumaga indicated that the chapter had served from way back in 2003 when Boston hosted the UNAA Convention and they were all tired and looking forward to retire. He also indicated that subsequent meetings had been called to hand over but lacked the necessary quorum.
He then invited Mr. Moses Kalemba to present the financials that had been printed and presented to the members on behalf of the treasurer who was running late. These were quite detailed dating back to 2003 and showing the only convention held that ended in surplus after all bills had been paid.

Among the previous UNAA Boston executives present were Mr. James Serumaga, Rosette Sserwanga, Daniel Mvule, and Mr. Moses Kalemba. Soon after the brief from the executive the UNAA Council representative for New England Mr. Ddamba Kanyike then proceeded to make his remarks including the state of UNAA national affairs. There was some difference of opinions when it came to UNAA national matters are some felt this was not the right forum.


However UNAA was ably represented by Mr. Daniel Kawuma of the mid atlantic region who briefly shared why there is an ongoing impasse within UNAA national and the how the process of the hotel selection for the UNAA San Diego convention and appointment of one council member who had never attended a UNAA convention had created a rift within the various organs of UNAA leadership. He was heckled by some members who felt UNAA has never come through for the Boston community since its inception and did not feel this was the right forum to address UNAA national matters. Others felt that starting another UNAA was not the solution something both Mr, Ddamba and Mr. Kawuma denied had been the case. Another concern raised was who had submitted a bid on behalf of Boston to host the UNAA Convention in 2015 since Copley Marriott confirmed that UNAA was holding space for that labor day weekend when the local chapter was not informed!


Per the agenda presented Mr. Nsereko then went on to inform the meeting that UNAA Boston was looking for an interim leadership to steer the organization forward. He then went on to preside over a Q&A session in which members expressed the type of UNAA they wanted to see. Some of the ideas floated included Life Insurance, Immigration assistance, Micro Finance Funding, Death Fund and Community developmental projects.
After a spirited and heated Q&A members then decide to make nominations of would be members of the interim executive that would intern oversee the transition and the elections of the new executive. Following some nominations and volunteering the following were then nominated and later appointed as the new interim executive committee for the UNAA Boston Community Chapter. Mr. Alex Wandukwa will be the new interim Chairman, he will be deputized by Ms. Geraldine Ssali, new interim Secretary will be Mr. Ronnie Mayanja, the new interim Treasurer will be Ms. Rebecca Nansasi deputized by Mr. Semakula Mayanja, Publicity will be Mr. Kabwama and other committee members include Mr. Tony Kinaalwa, Brian Oryema and Omulangira Duncan Kayondo.
About 80 community members attended the meeting including the Chairman of Gwanga Mujje Boston chapter Omulongo Stephen Wasswa Mukas and the Chairman of the Basoga Twegaite International Andrew Mwasse.  It should be noted that Boston is home of the highest concentration of Ugandans living in North America. Stay tuned for UNAA Boston Local Chapter elections. Boston Strong and together we can transform our community to new heights. Ugandan Diaspora News now brings you some of the highlights in pictures from the Waltham French club. 


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    Congratulations and goodluck. UNAA Boston 2003 is still the benchmark for good stewardship and volunteerism. Please Biston save UNAA. Remember also its election year.

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