St. Peters Anglican Church of Uganda in Waltham Celebrates Mother’s Union Day!

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St Peters Anglican Church of Uganda in Waltham held its Mother’s day worship service at the Christ Episcopal Church on Sunday April 6th 2014. The main celebrants were the Rt. Rev. Benon Ogwal – Abwang a former Bishop of Northern Uganda who served in the Episcopal Church for16 years in New York State before retiring. He was accompanied to Boston by his wife Mrs. Alice Okoth – Ogwal the daughter of the late Archbishop of Uganda Yona Okoth and the former President of the provincial Mother’s Union in Uganda and now an accomplished teacher/International speaker.

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Other guests included Mrs. Geraldine Kauma the wife of the late Bishop Misairi Kauma of Namirember Doicese. Mrs. Kauma another accomplished leader who served in various roles at the provincial, Diocesan and parish levels in Uganda also shared her testimony and what Mothers can learn from the life of biblical Mary.

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The Rev. Joy Magala who serves at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in California and also a pioneer of the Anglican congregation in that vicinity was also featured guest from the State of California.

The word of the day centered on the life of Mary the mother of Jesus and her godly disposition in life, obedience and faithfulness. The call was for all mothers to emulate the lifestyle and example of Mary who embraced God’s plan for her life. Mother’s Unions parishes are supposed to present their lives as testimonies to the motherless, friendless and helpless members of society.

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Mrs. Alice Okoth shared her testimony and the pain of losing a son to teenage violence in America by reliving the day she got to learn that her son had been gunned down and how she struggled with forgiveness.

Later the Mothers Union leadership led by Mrs. Rebecca Wakulyaka treated their invited guests to a special lunch that was punctuated by speeches and entertainment. Among the special speakers were the Chaplain Rev. Christine Nakyeyune and other invited ministers from in and around Boston. Pastor Benon and Mrs Joy Kawala, Rev. John Baker Katende, Pr. Samuel Mutyaba, representatives from the Catholic community in Boston and the Seventh day Adventist choir that ministered in song during the service. Sentie Kironde’s catering services provided catering & entertainment services for the colorful occasion.

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About St. Peters Anglican Church of Uganda — With roots in the Anglican Church of Uganda. St. Peter’s Church of Uganda exists to assist people in the process of their evolving into transformed and devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  Their Sunday service starts at 12:30pm on 750 Main Street, Waltham, MA 02451 for details please contact — 781-346-5756.

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Disclaimer — Two weeks ago we reported that St. Peters Church of Uganda had moved to a new location however we have since been advised by the Waltham congregation that stayed behind that they hold Sunday services at the same location meaning that they are now two churches under the same name but in two locations. Ugandan Diaspora News was invited to attend the Mother’s day service. Following a difference in doctrinal matters St. Peters Church of Uganda saw a larger part of their congregation move to Belmont were they now hold their Sunday services. Ugandan Diaspora News Now presents the some of the highlights IN PICTURES from the Mother’s Union luncheon — 

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    Now, this is the good stuff. We need more of these types organizations that build, and well as continuing to strengthen family and community bonds. Bravo children of the Lord.


      Praise Lord Lord that the whole purpose of Mothers’ Union fellowship to especially get concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and christian family life.
      Enid Turitwenka
      MU president Diocese of Kampala, Uganda

    Rev. Christine Nakyeyune-Busuulwa

    Letter to the Editor,
    Ugandan Diaspora News,

    Dear Sir,

    I must thank you for your professionalism in covering the Mothers’ Union function at St. Peter’s Church of Uganda at Christ Church Episcopal on Sunday, April 06, 2014. Your accurate description of the function and the prodigious amount of pictures you published give testimony to your desire to be a neutral journalist unruffled by crowd dynamics. Thank you. Long live UNAA Diaspora News.

    Only one point of correction is necessary to the impression made in your disclaimer regarding your earlier report about the existence in the Boston area of two churches instead of one, both with the name St. Peter’s Anglican Church of Uganda. It’s correct to report that at the present time there are two such congregations. But it’s NOT correct to say that there are doctrinal differences that triggered the moving of some members away from the mother church to form another congregation of the same name. There were no doctrinal differences of any kind at all, but only novel ways of working out church polity as well as internal personal conflicts among some members with unwillingness to seek reconciliation. All pleadings to maintain traditional Anglican practice were ignored, but instead forming another congregation was preferred by a section of the congregation.

    This is to inform all and sundry that St. Peter’s Anglican Church of Uganda Boston that worships at Christ Church Episcopal, 750 Main Street, Waltham, fully upholds the instruments of communion of the Worldwide Anglican Communion and is in full agreement with all the historical documents and practices of the Communion without any revision.

    But let me make this clear. Although there are some issues to be resolved between the two congregations, St. Peter’s Anglican Church of Uganda Boston that worships at Christ Church Episcopal, Waltham wishes the new congregation well. We trust that they will grow in the things of God, walk in the school of Jesus, and become more and more like Him as we all need to do. That is what authentic Christianity is.


    Rev. Christine Nakyeyune-Busuulwa

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