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Dear Friends,

I got to learn that my mother’s medical condition (seen above) has become critical and unable to be managed in Uganda, necessitating her immediate transfer to specialized care in Nairobi Hospital. (Update from Kenya is that Mom is now receiving intensive care at Nairobi Hospital)

Last year my Mom had an upper Gastrointestinal procedure which eventually left her with an esophageal constricture that has severely impaired her ability to eat, resulting in severe mulnutrition and subsquent weight loss.

Her medical condition deteriorated to the point where medical care in Kampala can no longer manage her condition, resulting in a referral by her doctors to a GI specialist in Nairobi.

Mom has now been in and out of the hospital for the past 12 months and faces upcoming medical expenses in Nairobi. We as a family are now at the point where we could use harambee help from our friends and well-wishers to help offset our rising medical bills.

Expenses in Nairobi involve urgent medical care including multiple procedures, travel/living expenses with an accompanied family member, and upkeep for both Mom and my sister.

Folks, as someone who lost my father at a young age and saw my mother single-handedly raise the six of us successfully, I need you to remember her in your prayers and to also help join our fundraising initiative to give my Mom a better chance of survival given her current critical medical condition.

For those who are unable to donate using this link my Bank of America account number is 009478241752 my zip code is 02169 and for those in Uganda you can send Mobile Money to Angela on +256703934989

This has been a very trying time for us as a family but thank God that we are over-comers and it shall be well with Mom!  Habakkuk 2:1-2


Ronnie Mayanja
Cell – +1978-235-2459


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