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ronnie editor Dear Readers,

Greetings from Kampala,

August tends to mark the end of the hot summer days for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. On a personal note, this month has been a time of struggle, as my Mom has gone through another episode of ill health and watching her fail to ingest solids foods and instead resort to a liquid diet caused me question God but in it all I have learnt to give thanks for best years and sacrifices Mom made for us. Thankfully, the doctors have been doing everything possible to help restore her health and eating ability. They say life happens and I must add this has been a a very difficult time for us as a family but for Mom we must stay strong. We as a family created a link through which help can be channeled for our mounting medical bills. To the friends that have come to our aid we thank you and pray that lord will bless you ten-fold.  And please keep us in prayer!

Last month the world witnessed “German engineering” applied to the game of soccer as Germany fended off all the competition, defeating Argentina, Brazil and host of other seeded teams to come away with the World Cup trophy. A well deserved win by all accounts. The sport also cemented its cult status/power in uniting the entire world under one umbrella given the total number of viewers who tuned in worldwide.

The situation in Ukraine has become precarious now that there is a defacto self-imposed no-fly zone in the break-away republic of Donetsk. Another Malaysian Airlines jet went down, this time hit by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile, killing almost 200 people on board, including AIDS researchers en route to Australia for a major conference.

The other sad news has been the continued suffering of the people in Gaza that saw Israeli Defense Forces determined to destroy all the secret tunnels used to smuggle weapons into Gaza, home to more than 2 million Palestinians. Strangely, the history of the Palestinians and the Jews can be traced back to their great grandfather Abraham yet the two nations can never seem to see eye to eye or co-exist. Today Gaza is described by some writers as a modern-day concentration camp. The attacks on the UN compound seem to also show Israel’s heavy handed approach that’s some believe is breeding even more extremist groups like Hamas!

Equally disturbing has been the news of an ebola fever outbreak in West Africa that has so far killed more than 700 people and disrupted the life of many in this region. The spread of the disease is now causing jitters that could easily affect societies in heavily populated areas. We continue to pray that this outbreak will be contained to avoid a major world calamity.

For Ugandans in the Diaspora this month is also special because UNAA will celebrate its 27th annual convention. This has been a tumultuous year for this great institution marred by scandal and intrigue. After 27 years, apart from the annual conventions, we are yet to show anything tangible for an institution that holds annual parties with a budget in the upwards of $250,000 dollars.

Even Boston a local chapter recently revived has been able to acquire office space and is now working on instituting a life insurance policy for its members. As a by the way we invite all Ugandans in the Boston area to join us on October 11th for the revival of UNAA Boston during our 52nd Independence anniversary. It’s high time we as the members of these great institutions go beyond a three-day celebration and start to hold our leaders accountable by requesting a report card of their achievements in office. Only then shall we see a fundamental change in the affairs of our associations across the globe.

However as many prepare for this year’s annual convention they will also encounter a first– two conventions in the same city. UNAA as we know it will hold their events at the La Jolla Hyatt hotel (  and UNAA Causes, the pressure group established to check the UNAA executive, will hold their gathering at the Marriott La Jolla hotel ( It will be interesting to see who carries the day and commands the numbers as both events have so far lined up some interesting entertainers and two boat cruises. They say competition is good and a break in price is not bad for our community because this time they will choose what their pocket can afford both in accommodation and entertainment. My only worry is who will pick up the tab for the losses on either side and in which hotel will the UNAA town hall meeting take place per the constitutional requirements. Of-course equally sad is that we have blamed bad leadership for many of things happening back home but I wonder what people will think if we who claim to be exposed and live in western democracies are equally acting like some of the leaders we left in Africa!

President Obama in August will welcome leaders from across Africa to Washington for a three-day summit August 4-6, the first event of its kind. This will be America’s first direct engagement with Africa following in the steps of what China, Japan and The European Union. True Africa’s potential can not be ignored as the World population sours. With 60% of the world arable land in Africa and some untapped raw materials its time for Africa to set the agenda! Below is a commentary from Mr. Hayes the CEO – Corporate Council of Africa on this proposed Washington meet.

Finally, America and European powers must stop interfering in African and Middle East conflicts. Libya, once a stable nation, is now one of the most unstable places. Iraq has seen its second largest city fall to Islamists who now want to take over Baghdad. There is always a price for political posturing and Africa has paid dearly. The focus of the West should be to help strengthen democratic institutions rather than dictate terms. Even on contentious issues like homosexuality the west must go slow on Africa especially since this lifestyle is yet to be fully embraced by some of their own citizens.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people — Eleanor Roosevelt

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