Kenneth DDamba Kanyike | UNAA Council Representative For New England Resigns

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Dear New Englanders,

I regret to inform you that I must tender my resignation as your Elected Representative for the New England District of UNAA effective 11:00 A.M. on Sunday August 31st 2014. As you may know, I have been forced to make this decision mainly because of the prevailing impasse within the leadership organs of our August organization UNAA. It saddens me to relinquish my position as your representative at a time when our organization seems to need all hands on deck to help it stay afloat…at a time when UNAA needs fair minded leaders to help redirect to a course that would lead to a sustainable future for our Diaspora fraternity.

I am filled with deep regret that my fellow elected leaders, all serving as volunteers, have failed to adopt transparent methods of resolving conflict with maturity. It is apparent when I joined the leadership team, very serious and potentially deadly underlying problems existed and had been festering within the leadership of the organization for so long! These underlying differences among the ‘players’ within UNAA and outside of the leadership circles have unfortunately come full circle at the time when some of us chose to offer ourselves to be a part of the leadership. I find myself caught in-between a rock and a hard place; where individuals who I respect in their own capacities have failed to realize the great damage they are causing our organization by not agreeing to set simplistic details aside so we can get about the business of building a fortress for our future.

My capacity to add value and positively impact the UNAA Vision has been greatly curtailed by the UNAA executives’ decision to illegally remove me from the official communication channels of the organization through which I hoped to engage in the ongoing leadership debate to, perhaps, persuade some to see the bigger picture with regards to our ‘Peoples’ Organization. Regrettably not many seem to see the vast potential of UNAA and its ability to harness opportunity for generations to come. They have opted to cling onto their egos and sink the ship rather than chart a course that would salvage our beloved organization from imminent peril.

The UNAA District of New England is the biggest contributor to UNAA in terms of both Human and Financial resources. Year over year New Englanders attend our conventions in larger numbers than delegates from other regions. It gives me a great sense of pride to be the leader of my fellow New Englanders. My Vision is to mobilize the multitudes of our brothers and sisters that have been turned away due to the incessant infighting back into the organization; to regain their trust and rebuild the brand that UNAA ought to be. I still believe that UNAA is indeed that organization that can carry us to the next level as a people with a common purpose. Given the opportunity to lead unencumbered by the prevailing impasse and manipulation of the messaging, UNAA and our New England Region would be in a far better place today than we are. My belief is that our strength as a common people is in numbers and the more people collaborating together under one roof, speaking with one voice can yield more opportunity than a people mired in chaos.

That being said, with the irreconcilable differences within the UNAA Leadership, I am no longer able to fulfill my duties to the residents of New England at this time. The people of New England elected me because they knew I would advocate for more transparency, better communication, as well as offering a more focused approach to UNAA with regard to issues affecting the Diaspora. All of this has failed to materialize because of the ongoing bickering in the UNAA leadership. I cannot be party to this anymore.

While I regret that I am no longer able to represent my constituents at this time, I look forward to serving again in the future when sanity prevails once again. However, going forward, I plan to dedicate my time as a private member of UNAA in good standing to campaign for the restoral of transparency and accountability within the leadership. I will remain active in the New England community which has many great things in the works. I am excited to be part of this new wave of change that is coming to New England.

It has been a pleasure serving on the UNAA Council but it’s in New England’s best interest that I step aside. I wish UNAA and you the members the very best for the future, hopefully.


Kenneth DDamba Kanyike, MM, PMP
UNAA Council Representative, New England
Burlington MA.

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    Jane Stanley

    OMG. What’s going with people? Why do people have to write a book to advise us that they are resigning?

    Swaibu Tamale

    Banange abana bakintu nabbe kki agude mu kibina?

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