Obituary | A Celebration of Mr. Peter Kalembas Life in Boston By Anne Grace N Kiyimba

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Peter Kalemba was known to as many people as those who didn’t know him. The Ugandan community in Boston (read New England) has exploded in numbers of Ugandans both from Uganda and other states that came to bid farewell to a friend of many. The Kalembas are among the first Ugandans (of our times), to settle in New England. Moses Kalemba and his Dear wife Theo Kalemba are one couple I know that will make every effort to attend a Lumbe almost everywhere in New England and other parts of USA.

It was therefore no surprise that Peter Kalemba’s body viewing, funeral service and funeral reception were all attended by Ugandans and friends of Uganda, in droves! The church service at the funeral home was filled to capacity (both downstairs and upstairs) and many people were left standing! I was lucky to get a seat that had been “reserved” for someone else! Mourners came from as far as New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Minnesota, Seattle, DC, Maryland and I’m sure other parts of the United States.

The Late Peter Kalemba

The Late Peter Kalemba

One unusual absence at this gathering was the use of the “F” word or call it Fundraising! Time and again at many of our Boston Lumbes, we spend days, sometimes weeks, Raising funds to help send our friends and familys’ remains to their ancestral burial grounds in Uganda! This was not the case with our brother Peter; and the reason was the fact that the Kalemba’s took advantage of the Ggwanga Mujje Life insurance that many have shunned!

I was on the Ggwanga Mujje executive when this insurance was introduced to our community. Getting people to register for it was harder than pulling teeth at a dentist. The reasons are  varied why so many people will not embrace this opportunity that reduces a burden on their loved ones during the time of bereavement.

Moses Kalemba, Kato Kajubi and the Rev. Alex Kasirye Musoke took time to call upon mourners to please join this affordable insurance. Together with the order of service was a sheet with information about this Life insurance. Rev. Kasirye went as far as saying that if you love someone, please buy him/her this or any other life insurance so as to eliminate some stress that comes with loss of a loved one!

At the service which was conducted by Rev. Alex Kasirye Musoke of St. Peter’s Church Belmont Massachusetts. Bible Readings were by Nakimera Kajubi and Mrs Mildred Mukasa. The family speech was given by Omulongo Kato Kajubi, who happens to be the late Peter Kalemba’s schoolmate in Kings College Budo, Uganda. The English version of the speech was read by Nalongo Brenda Kiberu-Kalema of Minnesota a close relative of the Kalemba’s.

Mourners were treated to a pictorial of Peter Kalemba’s with family and friends. At the end of the beautiful service, it was almost impossible to get out of the parking lot as the turn up overwhelmed many who had to connect to their various jobs. The event was a sort of meet and greet outside the funeral home and Mourners headed out to Crowne Plaza hotel in Woburn where a sumptuous dinner was waiting.

Peter shall be laid to rest at his ancestral home in Kijjabijjo, Kyaddondo Uganda. Peter Kalemba leaves behind four brothers, two children and one grandchild.

May Peter’s Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

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    Anne Kiyimba

    Kitalo nyo! I have met Peter a few times at Moses Kalemba’s residence and he’s always seemed jovial and full of fun! Those who knew him better say he was a moving encyclopedia! That you would call on him for things like the population of India and he would give u the figure and then quip; you mean you didn’t know???!!!

    Jennifer wiltshire

    What can I say or where can I start from?
    My cousin was a very lively person and a person who lived to share jokes and was full of jokes and smiles all the time.
    His one person people would get in with, just like the rest of my cousins. Peter you are going to be missed by many and not only us your families,but also your friends.but you are now in a better place and we shall me again one day. Rest in peace. Love you always your cousin sis jennifer

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