Kenya | Uhuru Kenyatta Hands Over Office to His Deputy

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The president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta handed over presidency to his deputy William Ruto temporarily. Uhuru Kenyatta is due to appear the ICC on Wednesday for war crimes during the after election violence in 2007 in which at least 1300 people lost their lives.

Uhuru Kenyatta handed over office and his personal car to William Ruto. The Hollandaise embassy in Nairobi was since last week issuing visas to MPs and other people who wanted to fly to Holland as well so as to take part in the hearing of the case against Uhuru Kenyatta. Uhuru hands over presidency to his deputy temporarily while he will be at the ICC because of two reasons-to protect the sovereignty of the Kenyan republic by showing he is the one who is being tried in court and not Kenya. This means he will be appearing the court as Uhuru but not as the president of Kenya. Secondly, he does this to comply with the African Union’s principle that no sitting African president should be tried at the ICC.

“I wish to reiterate here for all that my conscience is clear, has been clear and will remain forever clear that I am innocent of all the accusations that have been levelled against me”. Uhuru said. “After all this, the prosecutor of the ICC has since last December and as recently as last month, admitted to the judges that the available evidence is insufficient to prove alleged criminal responsibility beyond reasonable doubt.” He added.

Mr Kenyatta faces five charges relating to the ethnic massacres – the worst violence in Kenya since independence in 1963. Tens of thousands of people were displaced and Kenya’s reputation for stability was tarnished. Mr Kenyatta was a close ally of President Mwai Kibaki, who was declared the winner of the 2007 election. Mr Kibaki’s rival, Raila Odinga, claimed the poll was marred by fraud.The dispute took on an ethnic dimension, pitting members of the Kikuyu ethnic group of Mr Kenyatta and Mr Kibaki against other communities. Mr Kenyatta is accused of organising an ethnic Kikuyu gang, the Mungiki sect, to attack rival groups.

Vice-President Ruto also faces charges at The Hague, but he was on Mr Odinga’s side during the violence. He also denies the charges.

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