American samaritan comes to aid of Koome island, Hospital Built for the Remote Myende Landing in Uganda

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Residents of the remote Miyende landing site on Koome island are a forgotten people. Koome is made up of 16 smaller islands and is located in Lake Victoria. The dirt roads which are impassable snake through thick forests and there is hardly any trace of development.


But a good samaritan has come to their rescue.

photo-gallery-b-img-02Linda Greenberg, an American citizen who visited the island as a tourist and learnt of the plight of the Islanders returned home and fund raised for the construction of the hospital.

Linda who believes in empowering the local communities, worked in partnership with Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary (, through an organization which she founded called Together they successfully launched a health centre on Myende fishing village; neighbouring Ngamba Island Sanctuary in Lake Victoria. This is part of the CSWCT’s Sustainable living on Lake Victoria program that aims at having these communities gain from their proximity to the sanctuary through extending health services and educating them to sustainably use their resources

Linda Greenberg’s Story, Journey to Uganda

Five years ago I was hit by an 18 wheeler. Because of God, my Sons Marc and Cory and a brilliant Neurosurgeon named Dr. Sachs my life was spared. When you’re in a life threatening accident and the doctor whispers in your ear “you can have the operation now and possibly die on the table or have the operation a month down the road and have a quick demise” well you simply react. There is no time for other opinions, conversations or drama. My boys said “Mom you’ve got to operate now” and without hesitation I remember saying “let’s do it!” My sons were told prior to the brain surgery “your mother may not wake up or perhaps be a vegetable without abilities to hear, see, think or function.”


With Gods help, a loving family, friends and a gifted surgeon I had a remarkable recovery!

Prior to the surgery I had planned a trip to Africa with a dear friend from England, Josie Bradshaw. I knew God had kept me alive for a reason and the reason was surely Africa!

photo-gallery-b-img-21Five months later I boarded a plane for Entebbe Africa. Since I was a child my dream was to see the mighty but gentle Silverbacks; mountain gorillas Dian Fossey lived and died for…I saw the Silverback/Family, loved every moment and was in complete awe of their magnificence! The many similarities to mankind was astounding! Not only was my dream fulfilled but ultimately fell in love with the people and country.

In the Bush I met a 13 year old boy named Brian who forever changed my life. After spending time with him I learned his father is a tour guide and mother recently died in a car accident. While telling Brian ” I almost died in a car accident;” chills ran throughout my body and immediately knew my reason for living was discovered. Here halfway around the world God brought 2 strangers together; a child and adult, soon to enhance African orphans lives and call attention to the Silverbacks survival!

Upon returning to the States I knew I had to help Brian and orphans like him. Establishing a program to send Brian and other orphans to boarding school was my first endeavor. Others followed such as school vegetable/flower gardens, building a new school, infirmaries, dormitories, poultry houses and incorporating childrens artwork onto clothing and lunch bags. A program for children to be “good will ambassadors” and promote ways to preserve the Silverbacks and their habitat is currently developing through the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The sponserships are on going, gardens beginning and the Lunch4Lunch project being launched in July 2008.
With help from compassionate individuals, organizations, business, etc. I’m extremely confident all shall be achieved!

In August of 09 I shall take a medical and teaching mission to Uganda; Additional volunteers are needed.

I feel so blessed and grateful God has given me such a glorious opportunity to help others. However I cannot do this alone. Not only are finances necessary to fulfil the above projects;
but needed are loving individuals to give of their time and efforts.

So please join Myself and to bring light, hope, good health, kindness, self empowerment and knowledge for Ugandan orphans and help save the Silverbacks/chimpanzees.

This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime! Together we can bring joy to so many!

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