Death Announcement | Fundraising Appeal to Repatriate The Remains of Mrs Sarah Kuwedde-Semakula of Michigan

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The Ugandan communities in the United States mid-west, announces the death of Mrs. Sarah Kuwedde-Ssemakula of Lincoln Park, Michigan, who passed away on Saturday November 22, 2014. She died on her 40th birthday at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit at 12:17 P.M. after losing a battle with Lupus.

The late Mrs. Semakula was born in Bubeke, Ssese County, to the late Mr. John Nswemu and Ms. Martha Nakisitu of Kireka–Kamuli, Kyadondo. She is survived by her husband, Tom Ssemakula and their 16-year old son Kelvin Mukuuma Katende.

Mr. Moses Luwago, President Uganda Community of Michigan (UCOM) appeals to members of the Ugandan community in the United States to help raise funds, which will enable the family to take the deceased’s body back to Uganda, for burial. The target total funding sought is US$8,000. Visit link to donate 

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which means that the immune system mistakes the body’s own tissues as foreign invaders and attacks them. Some people with lupus suffer only minor inconvenience. Others suffer significant lifelong disability and possibly death.

Lupus affects people of African, Asian, or Native American descent two to three times as often as it affects whites. Nine out of 10 people with lupus are women. The disease usually strikes between age 15 and 44, although it can occur in older individuals.

No single factor is known to cause lupus. Research suggests that a combination of genetic, hormonal, environmental, and immune system factors may be behind it. Environmental factors, ranging from viral and bacterial infections to severe emotional stress or overexposure to sunlight, may play a role in provoking or triggering the disease.

Source — Buganda Watch

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