NTV Mobi is a revolutionary interactive mobile TV application for watching live TV broadcasted by NTV Uganda

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NTV Mobi is a revolutionary interactive mobile TV application for watching live TV broadcasted by NTV Uganda. NTV Mobi is a free application, and also the usage of the service is free, except for individual services or transactions that are especially shown to involve a cost. The user is however responsible for the costs of the broadband connection needed to use the service. NTV Mobi is delivered to NTV by Somocon.

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  1. Can I watch NTV live while in other East African countries? – Answer is Yes
  2. How can I download NTV Mobi App? – Go to Google Play and search NTV Mobi, click download. After downloading click install.
  3. Can I use my NTV subscription on more than one device? – Yes. Your sign up should work on each phone you’ve signed-in on using your phone number.
  4. What devices does the app work on? The NTV app works on all Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”  and above
  5. Is the app available in all countries?
    No, the app is currently available in selected countries in Google Play.
  6. Can I use the app in landscape? The app is designed to work in landscape modes. This is so we can guarantee a great watching experience no matter what device you’re on.
  7. Can I limit how much data is used on mobile networks? – Yes. You can limit by buying bundles depending on planned usage from one day, one week or even month bundles priced differently by local mobile network operators.Currently we support 256kbit/s speed which is the most cost efficient. Soon higher bandwidth options will be available, offering a chance to view using higher quality video but the respective bandwidth will grow in line with that.
  8. How much bandwidth will I use watching NTV Mobi? – Watching any live streaming video content online will depends on how long you watch it for and network operator charges apply.In low quality (LQ) mode the service requires 256 kbits/s, in medium quality (MQ) 512 kbit/s and in high quality it takes 1Mbit/s. How much data is used depends on how long time the channel is viewed and which option is being used (currently just the LQ is supported). The amount of data in Kilobytes is the amount of seconds viewed x the bandwidth (in kbits/s)  x 8 (bits/byte)
  9. Why do I keep getting a message saying ‘NTV Mobi is not available’ in my country? – NTV Mobi service is currently available for Ugandan residents  and East African region for now but will be available in other regions soon.
  10. I have a fast broadband connection, why am I still having issues viewing NTV Mobi? The speed of the broadband connection means the bandwidth of the access network only. There can be several bottlenecks elsewhere in the network, for example in the backbone network of the operator, in the internet exchange, or between operators, or your device may be loaded with concurrent applications consuming that bandwidth.
  11. I am having issues watching NTV Mobi via my wireless internet connection. Why? – If you’re watching NTV Mobi via a wireless connection to your router at home, you may experience a buffered (staggering) signal for the first few minutes. This will resolve to a smooth reception unless the signal strength is too weak to receive the NTV Live video stream. If you’re not particularly close to the connection, the transmission can be interrupted by walls, closed doors etc.
  12. Why is there advertising on the NTV Mobi? This service is supported by advertising so you access it for free.

13. How often is content updated? Content is live and therefore update does not apply

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