Don’t Miss!! “Beneath the Lies” TV series, Created by Nana Kagga Macpherson, Premieres Dec 17th, Urban TV

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Ugandan Diaspora News Review | A fellow Ugandan Film maker who made her mark in the Diaspora through her acting and directing has embarked on a new storytelling journey in Uganda.


From the Creator and Director of “The Life,” comes another gripping story, this time set in a TV series Format. Nana Kagga – Macpherson, has created and written a riveting tale of betrayal, greed, broken hearts and redemption.


The series, directed by Tosh Gitonga from Kenya, and assisted by Executive Director, Cedric N. Babu, deals with several social issues that affect many Ugandans (especially women and children) and Africa as a whole: The most heartrending ones are those of Child trafficking, Prostitution, and Drugs.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you… we’re on a quest to tell stories about some of the the untold vices that are eating up our society.” ~ Quote from Beneath the lies

Beneath the Lies Premieres at 10:00 pm, December 17th, 2014 on Urban TV in Uganda.

beneath_the _lies_cast_02

Nana has assembled an awesome team of talented cast members, made up of Ugandan stars from different entertainment sectors ~ This is a list of the cast: Flavia Tumusiime, Natasha Sinayobye, Cedric Babu Ndilma, Omara Daniel, Gaetano Kagwa, Diana “Deedan” Muyira, Patrick “Salvado” Idring, Rabadaba, Susan Nava and Hellen Lukoma.

beneath_the _lies_cast_03

Tune in on December 17th, at 10:00pm on Urban TV to experience this roller coaster of an emotional ride. The Creator, Nana Kagga, reports that those in the Diaspora will not have to miss out on the series, the videos will be uploaded and shared on Vimeo. We look forward to that.

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Below are some more photos of the different Characters played by the stars.









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