#HelpRosemary | Campaign yields 100 Million Shillings Nankabirwa Flown to Nairobi’s Agha Khan Hospital

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The fundraiser for the former NTV news anchor Rosemary Nankabirwa battling a rare form of Adrenal cortical carcinoma cancer yielded over 100 million shillings. This later paved way for her evacuation on a chartered flight to Agha-Khan Hospital in Nairobi were she is now undergoing some specialized treatment.  The campaign that started as a plea on social media for support to the family after images of Rosemary had leaked on social media slowly caught fire as more and more friends pledged their support.


Special thanks go out to the Management and staff of NTV – Uganda who joined and later spear headed this campaign. Ugandan Diaspora News was also proud to associate with this campaign through awareness on various social media Diaspora platforms that greatly shared the campaign. We thank all those who gave and have participated in this cause and together we can defeat cancer. We wish Rosemary the best and pray that God will intervene on her behalf!!

Editor’s Note — Uganda produces some of the best medical doctors in the region, and many of these are trained at Makerere University Medical School but some have over the years sought greener pastures abroad. It is also a known fact that some of the best specialist doctors at Agha Khan hospital were trained at Makerere University Medical school and some of these like Prof. Dr. Oguttu are Ugandans.

We need to speak up now to ensure that we have a functioning healthcare system that does more than just preventive care – lets stop treating the symptoms and figure out a way to deal with the root causes!. For so many sick patients in Mulago and other referral hospitals all we need are upgraded medical facilities were early diagnostics can be made to save more Ugandans.  We hope that this situation will serve as a wake up call for government to fund and invest in our healthcare system, otherwise donations however big will not solve our healthcare challenges we face today.

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