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President Museveni Sunday met with former prime minister Amama Mbabazi and shook hands for the first time since their fall-out seven months ago. Mr Mbabazi was sacked as prime minister in September over his supposed presidential ambition and has since promised to announce his next political move. Late last year, he was also technically dropped as secretary-general of the ruling NRM.

Mr Mbabazi came face to face with the President at celebrations to mark 100 years of Christianity in Kinkizi Diocese, Kanungu District, Sunday.

The Kinkiizi West MP arrived at the venue of the celebrations first, with his wife Jacqueline, at about 9.30am and took a seat with the clergy beside the presidential tent. They sat in front of ministers Jim Muhwezi (Information) and Chris Baryomunsi (Health) together with Kanungu Woman MP Elizabeth Karungi. Mr Mbabazi rarely talked with anyone except his wife.

When he was later introduced to the congregation by Kinkiizi Diocese Bishop Dan Zoreka, there was deafening applause.

Shortly before the President arrived, Mr Mbabazi was requested by protocol officials to take a seat in the presidential tent. At first, he was hesitant but later accepted, walking with a measured gait, clutching a bottle of water. His wife Jacqueline remained put while ministers Muhwezi and Baryomunsi walked briskly to take up their seats.


Mr Mbabazi, was among the few people who were asked to welcome the President and again he was hesitant. However, he later joined the clergy and the chosen politicians to receive Mr Museveni.

Both President Museveni and Mr Mbabazi avoided talking politics at the celebration despite the rising political temperature in the country ahead of the March General Election.

In his 18-minute speech, Mr Mbabazi never mentioned or directly addressed Mr Museveni as His Excellency. Mbabazi, who was the head of organising committee, said the celebration was a landmark for the diocese and many people.

He said few people will witness the next centenary celebrations “except myself”. “I will have to try to be there and if I fail, people will know that I really would have tried. We want to support the church and all its projects because the church does a lot of work,” he said.

While addressing the congregation, President Museveni recognised him as former prime minister and the congregation cheered.

“Mbabazi said he will resist and be there, if time comes you go,” Mr Museveni said.

Mr Museveni said construction of the Rukungiri-Nyakishenyi road would start in September.

“When I came here, I told you we already had money for it but there is a process of prequalification, the first stage has been finished and we are on the last stage, construction will begin in September,” President Museveni said.

The President also said a power sub-station would be developed at Kanyantorogo. He contributed Ush100 million towards the development of the Uganda Institute for Science and Technology Nyamwegabira and deposited Ush50 million cash.

Unity in politics

Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stanley Ntagali cautioned church leaders and Christians against divisions along political lines.

“The message of today is about love, the love of Jesus Christ does not know colour or politics,” Archbishop Ntagali said.

In his sermon, the retired Bishop of North Kivu, Enock Kayeye, said several people have disregarded the church’s teachings of unity and love and given in to cliques for politics expedience. “We must avoid what disunites the people in the Church to avoid strife,” Bishop Kayeye said.

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