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Dear Readers,

And welcome to June — This for us means its officially summertime in the Northern Hemisphere. The month of June also means that we are officially halfway 2015. For those who started of the year making New Year’s resolutions this is the week/month when these resolutions officially die.

A study conducted by the University of Scranton proved that Seventy-seven percent of the resolvers studied made it through a full week, then 55 percent stuck with their goals for a month. By June, six months into the New Year, only 40 percent of those who had made a New Year’s resolution were still sticking with the goal. The majority sixty percent of New Year’s resolutions end in failure.

This is not to deter those still hoping to start or achieve their goals be it to get out of debt, get a degree, go to the gym, build a house or start a business — its persistence that will cause you to succeed at anything you dream or pursue. Make it your passion and keep your eyes on the prize and always avoid the nay sayers! For the past 10 years it was my dream to create brand online that unites and tells our Diaspora story — today Ugandan Diaspora News is accessed in more than 100 countries according to our google analytics and soon we hope to start our full color glossy quarterly magazine documenting Uganda’s success stories abroad – the point is that it all starts as a dream so never quit until you reach for the gold!

The month of May was also laden with a number of conventions for the Diaspora communities. In Boston a group uniting all Baganda associations — Buganda Bumu met at the inaugural gathering of their new umbrella group that will be meeting biennially. The Buganda Katikiiro Owek. Peter Mayiga was the chief guest and the event in Boston drew quite a sizable crowd. Judging from the turn out and the Katikiiro’s speech a different tone was a set from the radical view that was always maintained by the representatives and members of the Ttabamiruka Association that in the past has met on the Labor Day weekend and prefers a more radical approach to the restoration of  Buganda’s past glory.  See highlights below.–

Other conventions included the Basoga Twegaite in Minnesota and the Bamasaba Namca Convention in Washington DC. Coming up soon will be the International Community of the Banyakigezi (ICOB) Convention in Dallas, Texas.

Many of these community organizations started off as offshoots of UNAA however today UNAA is a shadow of its former self embroiled in a constitutional crisis of sorts. Last year two conventions were held in San Diego one at the Hyatt Hotel and the other at the Marriott Hotel after the two UNAA factions failed to reconcile. This year one group of UNAA will head to New Orleans while the other group will be in New York giving many alot more choice in terms of were to be and how to attend a convention that fits your budget ( or ( Both UNAAs are now gearing up to what will be an impressive line up of entertainers. While one will enjoy deep pocket funding from government, it is the programs, depth of discussion, organisation and the alignment with UNAA goals that will carry the day in view. But what is perhaps the lowest moment for UNAA has been the lawsuit filed in the State of Massachusetts were UNAA is registered and incorporated. The lawsuit filed by Mr. Joseph Musoke exposes many of the failures of the new constitution that have now been exploited by those in leadership to further entrench the divisions. — And so we await to see if this organization that has lived through a turbulent past will survive this avalanche of disunity!

The other major highlight last month was the visit to Boston by the Prime Minister of Uganda — Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda who held a town-hall meeting for Ugandans living in Boston to appraise them of the progress so far made by Government. Nduggu Rugunda as he is commonly known being the master politician was quick to engage his audience with the progress made by the government and citing the arrest of the Allied Democratic Force’s Jamil Mukulu though some of the people present did not agree with of his statements especially UPE/USE and the ongoing teacher strikes.

During the Q&A the subject of corruption – especially the Katosi saga, Pension Scam, collapsing healthcare system, the lack of electoral reforms and a level playing field, Uganda’s succession and a post Museveni adminsitration were among the questions floated.

On my part I was also keen to find out from the Prime Minister why no Consulate had been established in Boston yet the biggest concentration of Ugandans in North America were believed to live in Boston and around the greater New England areas. Boston is also home to some of the the best schools and hospitals and a major technology hub that could greatly benefit Uganda’s developmental needs especially business, innovation, tourism and technology!

See full report on the Premier’s visit below —

Back home in Uganda the opposition and civil society groups have called for a postponement of the 2016 poll until the electoral reforms are implemented to ensure transparent, free, fair and credible future elections. Their demands came ahead of a parliamentary group’s call for the government to consider rescheduling the upcoming election until constitutional amendments are done to pave way for the electoral reforms.

The surprise story out of Uganda was the announcement by Uganda’s first lady and Minister for Karamoja Affairs Mrs. Janet Museveni who indicated that she would not seek re-election for her Ruhama MP Seat citing God’s guidance. Some who remembered the resistance she faced from her husband in 2006 following her decision to join elective politics were equally surprised by the abrupt departure. Some political commentators think there is some realignment and political posturing going on as she perhaps positions herself for the nations top job if and when the husband goes into retirement.

In Nigeria General Buhari assumed the Presidency in a colorful ceremony were his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan was hailed as a true Statesman for the peaceful transition and transfer of power. After failing to route out corruption and defeat the rebel outfit Boko Haram a new administration will perhaps employ new tactics to deal with the growing attacks that have made Nigeria largely unstable in the North. In his inaugural speech General Buhari seems to provide a new approach to solving Nigeria’s problems.

In Europe change is also on the horizon — The EU Experiment has failed and some pundits predict that soon Great Britain will leave the Euro-zone as will Greece that has protested the austerity measures put in place by the German government. The once powerful Euro launched in 2002 has been bleeding and falling in value that now the US dollar might buy you more stuff in the EU nations.

Finally June is special month to many Christians in Ugandans as we celebrate the Feast of the Uganda Martyrs. This year the Boston event will be held at St. Mary’s Parish Waltham starting at 1pm and will be presided over by the Rt. Reverend Father Joseph Anthony Zziwa of Mityana Diocese on Sunday June 14th 2015.  Last year the President of Uganda who visited Rome left an invitation for the Pope to attend the 50th anniversary of the Feast of these Canonized Uganda Martyrs. It will therefore be a great re-union both at home and abroad as the Diaspora community joins other pilgrims in commemorating this event that is widely recognized as a major religious pilgrimage!

A special note about the Canada Convention that was scheduled for July in Toronto — Earlier this year we announced plans to host the second Canadian Business Convention in Canada during the Canada Day/July 4th weekend. Please be advised that the event has now been postponed and a new date will be communicated!

To the Class of 2015 Congratulations upon your Graduations.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

— Ronnie Mayanja

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