UCCB | Uganda Martyrs Day Highlights and Pictorial – Sunday 15th June 2015

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The Ugandan Catholic Community in the Archdiocese of Boston (UCCB) commemorated their annual Uganda Martyrs Day Celebrations with a Mass at St. Mary Parish in Waltham, on June 14th 2015. Thereafter, the community and all guests gathered for a dinner at the Marriott Hotel in Burlington.


In what has now become tradition every year on the second Sunday of June, the UCCB community members and friends gathers to honor the Uganda Martyrs Day in Boston, Massachusetts. In Uganda this day is celebrated on June 3rd as an annual holiday. The theme this year was Community building in Unity, Love and Faith through Christ.


This year the event also marked the beginning of a new initiative of building a new vibrant community of Ugandans in the diaspora with a special reference of involvement of the young people, teenagers, youths and adults.


The main celebrant was the Uganda Episcopal Conference — Vice Chairperson, The Rt. Rev. Joseph Anthony Zziwa, Bishop of Kiyinda-Mityana diocese. The presiding bishop heads one of the Catholic dioceses in Uganda where three of the Martyrs were born. The three martyrs from Kiyinda-Mityana were Noah Mawaggali, Mathias Kalemba and Luke Banabakintu.


In his sermon the main celebrant encouraged those whose names and symbols they wore to emulate the lives and the spirit of the Ugandan Martyrs. Other highlights this year were traditional dances and recognition of members that have greatly impacted the catholic community in the Archdiocese of Boston over the years.


This year marked 51 years since 22 Uganda Martyrs were canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1964. The UCCB started celebrating the feast of the Uganda Martyrs in 2004 and every year comes with a special package.


Ugandan Diaspora News attended the colorful ceremony on Sunday June 14th and now brings you some of the highlights of what transpired!



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    luciana ngalonsa

    That was great! Keep up the spirit! And continue to pray for us through the Uganda martyrs that we may also be courageous like them to defend our faith and our country Uganda. God bless.

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