Uganda Coffee | Starbucks Is Making Africa’s Biggest Coffee Exporter Even Richer

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Bloomberg Business — Ugandan coffee sold as single-origin beans by Starbucks Corp. will boost earnings for Africa’s biggest exporter of the crop, the country’s industry regulator said.

Coffee growers may as much as double their prices because of the high quality demanded by the world’s biggest coffee-shop chain, Henry Ngabirano, managing director of Uganda Coffee Development Authority, said Monday in an interview in the capital, Kampala.

“It is extremely exciting that Ugandan coffee is occupying Starbucks’ shelves,” he said. “We are going to have more coffee earnings and improve farmers’ incomes.”

Starbucks is marketing Uganda’s single-origin coffee from the eastern Mount Elgon region under the name “Sipi Falls,” which is an important growing area, Ngabirano said. Single-origin coffee beans have a distinct flavor because they are cultivated from one geographical location, which has unique climate, elevation and soil conditions, according to Starbucks.


Starbucks is the first big chain to sell Ugandan beans as single origin although smaller stores in Europe and America have stocked them for years, Ngabirano said.

Sustainable Coffee

At least 10 percent of Uganda’s coffee is certified as sustainable, he said.

Uganda, which grows both robusta and arabica varieties, may increase shipments to 6 million, 60-kilogram bags in 2020 from 3.4 million projected for the 12 months through this September, after increasing plantings of disease-resistant varieties and boosting productivity, Ngabirano said. The nation consumes about 5 percent of its annual crop, he said.

Coffee exports are the nation’s biggest foreign-exchange earner after tourism and remittances from Ugandans living abroad, he said. The crop fetched $349 million from 2.85 million bags sold in the first 10 months of this coffee year, the authority said on Aug. 25.

Source — Bloomberg Business

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    Ronnie of all the news this wonderful my dream has come to reality l have been going to departmental stores promoting Uganda coffee not because I have even a single coffee tree but it is the right thing to do to help our people back home this is a foot step we need more Spruce lake family retreat in PA needs one tone costco is willing if we approach them even whole food store we can give them a try it is every body’s responsibility to market our products.

    Elizabeth Baganda

    Do not forget MOM (My Organic Market) and TJ’s (Trafer Joe’s)…they are earth friendly.

    Elizabeth Baganda



    Happy to read this exciting news! I’ve always been an ambassador of Uganda’s superb coffees. I heard tale that this isnt the 1st time Starbucks sourced our coffee. That we once upon a time had “Volcano King,” from the Virunga Mountains, packaged beautifully & all…then pulled before it hit the market. Such should be a cautionary tale to not let our standards slip et al. *Also says a lot about our coffee… that Starbucks decided to try again!

    Lili Akiiki

    Wow am double excited? the best news ve heard in along time after all the many yrs that the export doors have been closed for Ug cash crops????? it has opened big tine one thing at atime hey world here we come with coffee first but we have many more great tea From Tooro district and many other wonderful stuff fruits seeds nuts hey let’s do it ???? for Stsrbucks


    My boss LOVES this coffee!!

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