Opinion ~ Bebe Cool Responds to Critics of his Support for President Museveni

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Soon after Musician Maurice Kirya came out with a statement about the lost opportunity by the Artists who attended the Dinner at Speke Resort Munyonyo, to launch the Tubonga Naawe Song intended to support President Museveni’s bid for re-election in 2016, the main organizer of the Event, Musician Bebe Cool came out with a statement on his official facebook page with over 360,000 Fans, to share his thoughts.


Below is a statement by Bebe Cool in his Own Words: “I wish to remind,correct,and guide my fellow musicians/fans who have totally gone wrong on the issue of president YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI dining with artists and not talking about copyright.

The invitation cards were very clear: YOU R INVITED TO THE TUBONGA NAWE EXPERIENCE not to the copyright law dinner.

To host a president,there is alot u have to go through but the most important is to understand why your hosting him and PROTOCOL requires u include all details as why u inviting him in your invitation letter.

In this case we invited him to grace this function so that we could show appreciation,launch a song for him and show him that we are ready to support him during the coming campaigns.
We also made sure we share that moment with comedians and fashion designers despite the little time given of which the two hours he spent with us was really alot.
If u remember well,we did not even perform for him,neither did we even sing the song we were unveiling.We stuck to program because a responsible person is expected to do so when u host responsible people.


As artists we do have an office that is in charge of copyright and they too were invited to attend the event because they r stake holders too but it’s important to remember that we had a programme and we were to follow it.

The president has no problem what so ever with the copyright law but only he appointed ministers to take care of that but when it comes to addressing him about that,better u also invite the responsible ministers too coz they too become stake holders.All that wasn’t on the agenda.


U can’t invite a president to a wedding and start addressing him about politics or police coz then u run a risk of not hosting him again. If u want to address him about copyright then invite him for a copyright conference and I believe he will attend but at an appropriate time.

This moment is a moment to show him support.

They will be a right moment when we will invite him and address him about the general problems our fraternity faces not only copyright.

I also wish to ask you to always honour invitations coz then when u attend,u will understand the purpose of the function and if u don’t understand pliz alway ask the organisers b4 u mislead people.

Otherwise thank you all for understanding


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    Fredrick Mukungu

    In response to your thoughts on the artist hosting a political event of that nature, i completely hear you loud however let me put things in this contest, when you are an artist of a nation, you have got ghost abinding rules and regulations.You have got to be very sensitive with sharing political opinions because you either make some p’ple happy or annoy others and these could be your fans.Similarily this applies to footballers or sports celebs whose most funding comes from the people. Human beings are sensitive to politics and sports and coming out to the public to say i support such a politician or football club can either make one popular or impopular. In regards to nations where Democracy is still a problem and there elections are still being observed by the international world bodies like Uganda it can have a knock on effect for an artist of that kind to make political opinions. A group of families or association who are fans of any kind of artist either in a sports or music or movie industry could deviate away more so if they have /families who have suffered as a result of the rulling power. Celebrities/artists’s revenues come from fans (people) and these fans can come from any nature of different political parties & ideologies. Its a very sensitive science and i think personally i wouldn’t advise any artist to come out in public to demostrate/declare there political views. I would keep it confidential because what happens if the oposition came to power, what do you do when the world knows where you stood initially a public figure of that calibre? So it can be an ethical issue. I remember in the UK elections, Tonny Blair of labour party suffered a lot of criticism bse he once dinned with Gadafi who was associated as an abuse of human rights and the party has partly suffered as a result ever since giving conservertive the oportunity to be in power. Another reference to that was some international institutions like Western Universities who stopped there links with Uganda bse of the Gay bill that was seen as violation of human rights. One could argue out that in America celebs endorsed to support Obama, In democratic societies you support systems not individuals. Obama a democratic was clean with no political history you could tag him on and he held the biggest majority of votes which just comes down to democracy. So if the NRM govt is still questioned on a number of issues like true democracy, human rights, citzens who have suffered and lost lives as a result of supporting the oposition, suffocating the rights of oppositions, change of the constitutions to favour there interests etc there will always be many divided minds and therefore it can be sensitive for any artist who are expected to adhere naturally to the equal oportunity policy to come out to take sides.So i completely differ with the public move of what a few artists did with an agenda that “tubonga nawe” (support whatever you do), its got its own future consequences

    Joseph Kamugisha

    I fully agree with you Fredrick.

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