Opinion ~ Juliana Kanyomozi Responds to Critics of her Support for President Museveni

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As fallout from the recently concluded Artistes’ dinner at Speke Resort Munyonyo, continues to mount, a number of the artists who attended the event are continuing to express their opinion on why they attended and why they are choosing to support President Museveni and his bid for re-election in 2016.  Juliana Kanyomozi is one of the most prominent musicians to step out and air her response to those criticizing the dinner and support through the Tubonga Naawe song intended to shore up support for the President.


Below is the statement that Julian shared with her Fans through her official facebook page with over 400,000 Fans:

In her own words, Juliana Kanyomozi ~ “Ndi munnauganda nga abalala bonna. It means we all have the same fundamental rights regardless of our positions in society, or political beliefs, or even life experiences. But there’s one thing that brings us together, and that’s humanity, obuntu. We are all from the human race.

There’s no need to use abusive, disrespectful, judgmental and insensitive language towards each other simply because of our different beliefs. That is not going to add any value to you or me. No need to use hateful speech to drive a point across. Let’s agree to disagree on certain things, but respectfully. Rather than try to intimidate me to believe in what you believe in…. You also have the choice to support me in this musical journey or not to. I see absolutely no problem in that.


I may be a musician and public figure, but away from the glitz and glam, I’m also a human being just like everybody else. When I started singing, it was never about getting rich or becoming famous. And till today, I don’t base my happiness on those things because they come and go.

I just wanted to sing and that’s what I still want to do, JUST SING and also continue to grow as a God fearing woman who respects her elders and love and love as much as i can. It doesn’t mean my life has been perfect, I’ve been through some of the most painful experiences, just like most of you. But those values have not changed till today.

I would rather sing for 10 people who will see me beyond the lights, camera, make up, hair extensions and high heels but see my soul, happiness, tears , pain and flaws, and still love me regardless. And I will be happy with that. Everything I do, I do for God and my country. Be blessed everyone.


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    Maggie kigozi

    Totally a fan Juliana. You are entitled to your own views. God bless

    Joseph Kamugisha


    Am not so sure whether the recent controversial visit with Uganda’s head of state was your first. If that is true, it is of little wonder why you have not received unpleasant reactions from your fans regarding your involvement with the infamous song “Tubonge…”

    It is important for you as a woman,who is also one of the best roll models among your home based fans and the world over, to be sensitive enough to what some of your “attackers” are saying, [Not that i condone their actions] bu what the majority are saying is based on the background of the recent public humiliation of a female political figure. A fellow woman, wife and possibly a mother to kids who will forever be haunted by the images of their mothers nakedness as a result of the hooliganism by the unprofessional police forces.

    To the surprise of many of your fans, the praise song to the NRM flag bearer, came after the unfortunate incident but none of you, the music artists had the audacity to inform the president or to publicly condemn the brutality, regardless of who was wrong or right during the scuffle between the female MP and the police.

    Your praise of someone who is allegedly the primary person who is responsible for the ongoing political tensions in the country is what is mainly causing the rage on social mediums.

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