Opinion | Mbabazi cheapens his supporters as Besigye hides inside FDC – By Betty Nambooze-Bakireke

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Amama Mbabazi has been known to keep silent, build tension and interest and then open up to the anticipating public. This may be a strategy on his part, but it could as well raise questions of transparency and honesty. This brand of politics puts off people like me who are not for a guerrilla war approach to elective politics.

Much as The Democratic Alliance hit a dead end, its support and goodwill for Amama just can’t be wished away. In fact, many attribute TDA’s perceived failure to the support of Amama across its membership, which was interpreted as favoritism. Even then, most of those who backed him for joint presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections have not relented.

They have followed him to the post-TDA phase and could rightfully be christened ‘TDA of the willing’.

Many notable politicians have expressed support for Amama, risking their own integrity and the wrath of sections of their political parties.  Sadly, Amama has not unequivocally acknowledged their support or made a commitment to the extent of the cooperation, as would be politically proper!

Even in circumstances where his well-expressed position is required, he has chosen to send Hope Mwesigye or left Michael Mabikke to deliver his greetings or make a media statement on ‘his behalf’.

More openly than any other forum, the Democratic Party endorsed Amama, although media reports show disagreements arising in regard to the same. Indeed, some of us are demanding more in terms of commitment from Amama if we are to comfortably back the position of our party.

We, as DP Buganda, are only concerned that President Norbert Mao has expended so much energy in drumming up support for the mysterious Amama. Imagine if Mao’s energies were spent on himself running for president! I guess he would be a long way by now. So, the questions on federo, human rights, the economy, etc, in regard to Buganda, persist and Amama seems to think we don’t deserve an explanation!

On his part, Kizza Besigye has also continued to exhibit a high level of popularity across Uganda. However, he has since started contradicting himself, much to the misperception of his supporters and all those watching.

While in Mukono during the walk-to-work demonstrations, Besigye ordered that his FDC banner be pulled down because it was time for self-liberation. I was impressed by this action, knowing that like us in the Ssuubi pressure group, Dr Besigye had put the struggle for liberation of our country ahead of popularizing his party.

But he is now opening party offices across the country in what other FDC members have interpreted as forming parallel structures while sympathizers are locked out.

He has continually affirmed his answerability to FDC party members, yet he has since had support from outside his party as well. Besigye’s mobilization team this time consists of only core FDC notables and his support outside FDC seems not to be clearly recognized. Where does this leave the likes of me who have supported him vehemently? Has he tried to at least win them over to FDC or market the FDC ideology to them?

FDC has turned against non-party members by directly fighting non-FDC candidates. As FDC attempts to prove her nationwide support, her interests may shift from liberating Uganda or winning the presidency to using these elections to carry out a census of true party members. In my opinion, this may put FDC on a political weighing scale that may turn suicidal.

I have observed before that Besigye was at the forefront of emphasizing coalitions as a means to dislodge President Museveni, with the formation of the Inter-Party Cooperation in 2011. He would do well by pushing for a similar initiative, after falling out with TDA, instead of narrowing further into just FDC. This would put up a formidable stumbling block for Museveni come 2016.

Currently, many politicians are silent on who to endorse because none of the opposition presidential hopefuls has proved to associate sufficiently with their political aspirations. This is especially unfortunate now when Museveni and his NRM are at their weakest.

A news bulletin is never complete without a graphic tale of NRM members losing limbs, torching a house, defecting or engaging in a bloody fight in the ongoing party primaries.

If we only swallowed our pride and came up with a uniform voice, we would go to the polls with renewed confidence to dislodge Museveni. To postpone this is to lose time.

The author is a Member of Parliament for Mukono Municipality.

Source — The Weekly Observer

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    Ms Nambooze could do well to initiate contact with FDC and Besigye rather than waiting to be courted. Women of her caliber are liberated in 2015.

    Jim Kimezza

    The day DP and its prominent members will talk as a party , I will join it , but selfish personal ambitions and opportunism make me not even try to mention DP

    Byakuleka Martin

    Hon. Namboze, if you chose to support Mbabazi, especially after your party decided thus … just go ahead, don’t look forward for freebies or whatevers just do your job the freebies will find you there …. by the way, tobiletamu ntondo!

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