In Loving Memory | Omukulu Nelson Edmund Nkalubo SSebugwawo Memorial Service In Dallas, Tx

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On the evening of Saturday October 24, 2015, the family and friends of the late Nelson Edmund Nkalubo Ssebugwawo gathered at the Hawthorne Suites by Wyndham DFW Airport North in Irving, Texas, for a memorial service and celebration of Ssebugwawo’s long life and dedicated service to the Kingdom of Buganda. The event was officiated by Rev. Joseph Kamugisha, assisted by Rev. Edmond Maviiri Mugwanya who recently relocated from California to Texas. The event started with the singing of Buganda’s national anthem, Ekitiibwa kya Buganda, led by Sarah Kasasa Nseera accompanied by Rev. and Mrs. Naomi Kamugisha.
The ceremony was well attended by the family and many friends from United States and Uganda who all participated in the memorial activities. Shown here singing Ekitiibwa kya Buganda are the late Ssebugwawo’s son, Mr. Abraham Muzinga, and Kabaka’s Representative, Dr. Abu Senkayi and his wife, Sunajeh Senkayi.


The Kabaka’s Representative, Dr. Abu Senkayi, talked about the late Ssebugwawo’s dedicated service to the Kingdom of Buganda. Dr. Senkayi’s comments were based on the obituary written by Sulaiman Kakaire and Olive Nazziwa which was published in the Ugandan newspaper, the Observer, on August 12, 2015. This obituary summarizes very well the late Ssebugwawo’s life and exceptional service to the Kingdom of Buganda. The late Ssebugwawo was the grand father of the current Nnabagereka (queen) of Buganda, Sylvia Nagginda.


Above, following the national anthem, the memorial service proceeded, beginning with the singing of hymns and reading of scripture by the grand children of the late Ssebugwawo, on right, Tana Juko of Dallas, Texas and on left, Nelson Bamundaga of Los Angeles, Californian. Acknowledgements and resolutions were delivered by the late Ssebugwawo’s children (Margaret & Henry Juko and Catherine Bamundaga), grandchildren (Edward Muyingo of Boston and Nelson Bamundaga of Los Angeles), and Kabaka’s Representative, Dr. Abu Senkayi.


On the left Margaret Juko of Irving, Texas, spoke emotionally and affectionately about her late father, Ssebugwawo. She talked about how generous and loving he was, and on the right, Henry Juko also spoke lovingly about his in law whom he knew and loved for over 50 years.


Catherine Bamundaga and her daughter, Marian, also talked about the wonderful things the late Ssebugwawo did for all of his children when he was alive.


Above on left, Edward Muyingo of Boston delivered a very powerful testimony about his late grandparent, Nelson Ssebugwawo. He spoke about his early memories of his grandparent when he was in elementary school and how the late Ssebugwawo danced with joy during Edward’s wedding ceremony in Boston. The late Ssebugwawo was about 97 years when he travelled from Uganda to attend Edward’s wedding ceremony. Gideon Kiyingi (on the right) was overcome with emotion for the loss of his grand parent.


On top, Elsa Juko served as the MC of the event. On left, Shemmy Ssebugwawo was the DJ and on right, Robinah who traveled from South Carolina to attend this event.


The event was attended by about 200 people.  Some of the people traveled long distances to participate in this celebration and memorial service for the late Ssebugwawo.

This Memorial was Written and Submitted by the Nkalubo family. Photo Credits — Courtesy of JD Media.

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