Book Review | The Gold In Fathering By Chris Nsubuga-Mugga

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The Gold in Fathering is a tapestry of stories that unveil the fathering secrets of notable men. Chris offers some of the best encouragement that a father can find. He calls men to embrace the responsibilities that fathering brings. Most men desire to be great fathers but do not know how. The Gold in Fathering offers some practical and helpful lessons that can make a great father of any man that cares to put its nuggets into practice.

Using statistics, personal stories, ‘testimonies from the field’, unforgettable quotations and biblical references, Chris challenges the reader to confront the fact that fathering is the missing link in addressing many of the societal and leadership questions of today. We cannot discount the effect that fathering has on how we all turn out in life. Chris does not shy away from sharing his life’s story. He reveals disappointments and mistakes (some quite embarrassing)in a way that makes us understand that we are all human and that fathering can be done right, regardless of our background and experiences.Chris’ experience of turning hatred, anger and bitterness toward his father into a loving and meaningful relationship after eighteen years, gives a ray of hope to fathers who have totally botched it to try again. It encourages children who feel deeply wronged to make amends and mine out The Gold in Fathering from the ore of fatherlessness.

In the book, Chris demonstrates that Fathering is Love; it suffers long, is kind, does not rejoice in iniquity and rejoices in the truth. Having experienced fatherlessness from when he was 10 years, Chris shares nuggets on fathering from men who fathered him in absence of his biological father. These men fathered with prayer. They balanced invitation and challenge. They were never afraid to correct or father broken hopeless children. These men expand one’s parameters of fathering to go beyond fathering biological children. The book pushes the limits on hope, correction and how far deep into the future a father’s influence can reach.  It is possible for one’s fathering to span across centuries and Chris shares real life examples of men who have done just that.The book is a rollercoaster of emotions; it makes you ponder and leaves you brimming with hope and bubbling with laughter.

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