EACC | The Inaugural East African Chamber Trade and Investment Summit USA Meetings, 29th Sept – Oct 1st 2016

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EACC Preamble — About Nine years ago years ago, a dynamic and progressive group of East African diaspora along with their American counterparts and with encouragement from key stakeholders envisaged an organization that would uniquely promote trade and partnerships between East Africa and the USA.

Consequently, the East Africa Chamber of Commerce (EACC) was formed to advance social and economic development between businesses, institutions and government agencies in both the US and the East Africa region (Membership currently covers Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi with new partners expected to be admitted from Ethiopia and Southern Sudan).

Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda Ambassadors.

Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda Ambassadors.

The Chamber has now registered key partners that include the Embassy of Kenya, Uganda Embassy, Tanzania Embassy, Burundi Embassy, and Rwanda Embassy.


To this end, the chamber’s leadership and members have continually worked in earnest with remarkable commitment building membership, partnerships and relevant relationships within its immediate community (Dallas Fort Worth), the greater diaspora community and beyond to further the mission and vision of the Chamber.


Given the 501(c) nonprofit status of the Chamber and its limited resources, the organization has relied upon strategic partnerships with small and big organizations to advance the Chamber agenda.  Additionally, the chamber counts on the goodwill of its fervent supporters and membership to execute its mission.


The benefits of these efforts and sacrifices are evident in the Chamber’s growing profile, and successful events including monthly forums, and its growing annual trade and investments summits. In concert with the East Africa Community model, the Chamber has adopted a rotational leadership model.

This year, we are delighted to have the first ever woman chair of the organization, Elsa Juko-Mcdowell (from Uganda) becomes the first EACC Woman Chair and she brings a unique set of skills as a business leader within the East African Diaspora Community.


The new EACC board of directors is composed of a group of distinguished individuals that include the following: Bill Morgan (vice chair), Robert Muruli (Secretary), Edwin Karuga (outgoing Chair), Roy Kayizzi, Frank Kanobana, Benson Kasue, Sylvia Karuga,Beth Plumlee (Board advisor), Jolly Kahunde (new), Ronnie Mayanja (new) Laban Opande (new) and Karen Henry (new).


Additionally; the Chamber has modified and transformed its structures and processes to align with the complexities and expectations of a viable growing institution. We seek your support and partnership as we play our role in bridging business partnerships between East Africa and the USA. This year, we are expecting to hold an elaborate conference from September 29th to October 1st 2016.


The event will take place at the Sheraton Hotel located on 4801 LBJ FWY in Dallas Texas with a theme “ACCELERATING GROWTH” The Chamber’s new leadership team just concluded a series of successful meetings with all the East African country ambassadors in Washington DC.

This meeting was hosted by Rwanda Embassy and during the same all the East African ambassadors pledged their unequivocal support in endorsing the trade conference and inviting their political heads to attend. The program is still a work in progress but topics and presentations will cover sectors like Mobile Money Transfers, Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure and IT Development, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Diaspora Tourism and Agriculture, just to name a few.

EA chamber logo

To register, please visit This year the summit will plan to honor NGOs and Businesses that have made major contribution to the East African Region and celebrate their successes. The EACC continues to connect businesses between USA and East African Region. We have also opened dialogue and held meetings with the corporate council on Africa with a view to grow more synergies with major industry players.


This year the EACC has engaged top level business leaders and government organizations to participate in the conference. With an East African Diaspora of about 75,000 Kenyans, 2,000 Tanzanians, 1,500 Ugandans, 2,000 Rwandese, 3,000 Southern Sudanese, and 1,200 Burundians living in Dallas Fort Worth area, We believe that the East African Diaspora presents a growing market that has a potential to influence the economies of the region given the remittances sent annually.


Below are some images and complete gallery of the meetings held in Washington DC and attended by the CEO –  Corporate Council of Africa Mr. Stephen Hayes and his team. The other images are from the business breakfast meeting held at the Rwanda embassy and attended by the Ambassadors of Rwanda – host, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and Kenya.  All photos appear courtesy of Ronnie Mayanja.

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