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President Museveni on Wednesday carefully remained above the campaign fray for speaker of the 10th parliament by urging the antagonists not to engage in premature campaigns.

“Premature politicking will polarize the party,” Museveni said on Wednesday at the ongoing retreat of newly-elected NRM MPs at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi.

Sources said Museveni’s caution was aimed at the intense canvassing for votes between speaker Rebecca Kadaga and her deputy, Jacob Oulanyah amongst the new MPs. The president also mentioned Sam Kutesa’s name among those in the running for the third highest office in the land.

In mentioning Kutesa, the president inadvertently confirmed that the foreign affairs minister is in the race. Kutesa is yet to publicly announce his bid for the office but we have been told that legislators like Hanifa Kawooya are quietly campaigning for him.

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President Museveni addresses the NRM MPs at Kyankwanzi

Museveni said the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC), the second-highest decision-making party organ, shall scrutinize the records of the contenders. Thereafter, the committee will forward names to the NRM caucus for consideration. The NRM caucus is expected to convene on May 18 for this task.

The president made the comments hours after meeting independent MPs who are aligned to NRM. Museveni’s remarks also came a day after The Observer reported in the March 16-17 issue that in their bid to become speaker, Kadaga and Oulanyah had come up with strategies to win the hearts and minds of the new MPs at the retreat see (Kadaga, Oulanyah dig in at Kyankwanzi).

Those who support Kadaga, especially the women MPs, believe that a woman should continue in that role. They think it will be a blow to the women movement if Oulanyah or any other man is elected speaker.

Oulanyah’s supporters on the other hand say Kadaga had not exhibited a high degree of consistency during her first term as speaker. They praised Oulanyah as a more “articulate and measured speaker” than Kadaga.

Yesterday, Kadaga was scheduled to present a paper on the role of parliament in a multi-party system while Oulanyah is expected to present a paper on parliamentary etiquette today (Friday).


Earlier, Museveni met 61 NRM-leaning independent MPs who he urged to work closely with the NRM, adding that he did not want them to be lured by the opposition.
Museveni conceded that the party primaries in some areas were poorly conducted and blamed the party’s electoral commission for the mess.

The president said he had been forced to personally intervene in Kanungu, where local party officials had wanted to disqualify some people from contesting in the primaries accusing them of being supporters of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

“I told them that these are all our people. If they are Mbabazi’s supporters, they will not hide it from us for long,” Museveni reportedly said.

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President Museveni (R) addresses NRM-leaning independent MPs-elect in Kyankwanzi on Wednesday

Tanga Odoi, the chairperson of the NRM electoral commission, was told to apologise to some of the members, which he did. One of the MPs who attended the meeting told us that by courting them, Museveni appears to be interested in marshaling enough numbers to ensure smooth passage of his agenda.

“Politics is determined by the numbers you have,” Museveni reportedly said. He told MPs that he will fight anyone who does not subscribe to the ideology of Pan Africanism and development.

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